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The Faery Forest Oracle

The Faery Forest, a legendary Green World,
is older than human history, more ancient than language,
and its energy is gathering once again to reawaken all.

~ Quote from the back of the box



TitE: The Faery Forest Oracle

Author: Lucy Cavendish

Illustrator: Maxine Gadd

Publisher: Blue Angel Publishing

  • The Faery Forest Oracle is a magical card deck that presents 45 beautifully illustrated cards that capture mystic folklore creatures in it.
  • The first card that I found intriguing was the 11th card called “Ragnarok”. In this card there is a being that looks as if she embodies flames/fire. Her eyes are green and pierce anything she sets her sight on. She has hair that practically looks like flames. While looking at her, she can be a perfect fit for the Queen of Wands in the tarot deck. The keywords for this card are, Destruction, Ending, and Final Moment
  • Since this oracle deck revolves around fairies, and fairies are known to be females, there are some male characters in this oracle deck. A male character that I found is called Freyr. In this image he is a blond man with elfish ears. He wears a crown made of branches and leaves. On one note, he resembles the King of Pentacles. The keywords for this cards are, Abundance, Peace and Contentment.
  • The last card is one that I like. It features a fey who is dressed in goth. She is pale and wears a black crown and dress that resemble a spider web. She kind of reminds me of an 80’s French singer by the name of Jeanne Mas. This card is called, Otherworld. The keywords for this card are, Veil, Illness and Transition
  • The back of the cards is reversible. The image for the back of the card is a cottage that is entwined with a tree and a green goblin sitting on top of the tree
  • The texture of the cards is semi-sturdy and shuffle well. The cards are glossy and feel really nice. They are approximately 5 ½ x 3 ¾ inches.
  • The cards are stored in a is a box and lid package
  • The text booklet is written by fame Australian author, Lucy Cavendish. As well all know that Lucy writes a great deal of information in most of her companion book(lets), so don’t be surprise that the book for this deck is well over worth 136 pages. The book starts with an introduction that contain two section. The first one is called “The Path into the Faery Forest”. Then there are sections titled “Enter the Great Tree, The Gateway to the Faery Forest”, “Who Dwells in the Faery Forest”, “Working with this Oracle”, “Can I Read the Cards for Myself”, “A Card a Day, the Path to Knowledge”, “Resisting the Message”, “Bonding With the Being of the Faery Forest”, “The Unique Qualities of this Deck”, “What do Reverse Cards Mean?” and “If Another Person Handles This Deck, Will Their Energy Be Transferred To My Cards?”. The second section in the introduction is called, “How To Work With The Faery Forest.” In this second part, there are subjects titled, “Blessings and Connecting With Your Cards”, “Dedicating Your Deck To A Magikal Purpose”, “Setting The Space For Your Readings with the Faery Oracle”, “Shuffling Your Faery Forest Cards”, and “Keeping Your Readings Flowing, Pure and In Integrity”. Then comes the good part, card spreads! The spreads are, Past, Present, Future, The Celtic Cross, The Cycle of the Moon and The Faery Forest Tress Spread. Then there’s the section called, “The Cards” where you’ll find the meanings for each card. On the upper left hand side there’s the image of the card, below it is the number, title and keyword to the card. Then there’s the lengthy paragraph that explains the meaning of the cards in detail
  • The illustrations for each card was done by Australian artist, Maxine Gadd. The artwork for each card is not consistent, the art style and colors vary, but nonetheless, they are very beautiful.
  • When I heard about this tarot deck and saw that Lucy was authoring it, I grew too curious to read and work with it. All I can say is that it is a magical oracle deck that inspires wisdom and true guidance to those who love to work with faeys. Since each image has a different type of illustration, it makes the characters unique. There is so much detail in the background of each image that can serve for divinatory purposes. This is one oracle deck that you must get if you love and admire the green world and all that dwells in a mystical forest. To buy your copy, click here!

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