Cartomancy Reviews.

Your White Magic Tarot Spell Cards are not
magical in and of themselves.
They need to be used within a spell to
become activated by the energy you create.

~Quote from the little white book


Title: White Magic Tarot Spell Cards

Author: Jill Scott

Illustrator: Jill Scott

Publisher: Self-Published

  • Cast the simplest, yet effective white spell.
  • The White Magic Tarot Spell Cards consists of 78 cards that are just a delight to work and read with. These cards are easy on the eyes but the messages that they deliver are just MAGICAL! Every card has a message written in it that tells how the card will help you in a certain or particular area in your life. Keep in mind that the Pages, Knights, Queens, and Kinds have been renamed to the following, the Pages become Innocence, Knights become Guardians, Queens become Goddess, and Kings become Gods.
  • For those who want to conduct a white spell with one of the cards, I recommend to do the Devil Card (Reversed). In this card, there is a red sinister owl that looks at us and below it there’s are two mice. When doing a spell with that card, it will help you recover from bad addictions (any type of addiction) and/or bad relationships. Since we all know that the devil is never a good card in a reading, it’s nice to know that there’s a solution to this.
  • For those who are in a relationship, and would like for the relationship to flourish, it is recommended that you do a spell with the two of cups. In this card there are two lavender cups that are standing side by side and on top of it, in the center on the cups, there are several lines that form a heart. This card is used to conduct a spell that enforces relationships to find a common thread.
  • For those who like or work with spiritual spells that involve children or an animal, the Innocent of Air (Page of Swords) is the right card. In this card there are a child/babies footprints.
  • The backs of the cards are reversible. The color for the back of the cards is mint green and the snowflake patterns.
  • The size of the cards are approximately 3” by 5”.
  • The cards slim, but are sturdy and hold up very well when shuffling. The cards have a matted feel. They are non slippery.
  • The deck of cards come wrapped in a cute and simple bag. Included with the bag and cards is a 4 inch white candle that is used when conducting your white magic spells.
  • The booklet that accompanies this tarot deck is a little white book that’s written by Jill Scott. The little white book does not have the meaning of the cards (because the meanings are printed on the cards). The Little White Book gives instructions on how to conduct a spell with the cards and it also lists with an explanation on the types of spells you can conduct, for example, Smoke & Wax Spell, Moon Magic Spell, Storm Magic, Poetry Power Spell, Ocean Energy Spell, Bath Spell, Garden Spell, and Campfire Spell.
  • The cards are created/illustrated by Jill Scott. The medium for creating the cards was a bit of graphic design and photo manipulation.
  • This is the first time that I’ve EVER seen a tarot deck that is dedicated and its usage is concentrates on conducting white magic. I’ve seen and read books that explain how one can cast spells with any tarot deck, but never a tarot deck that is used to cast spells. This is by far a fantastic and innovating idea thought out by the wonderful Jill Scott. Not only is this tarot deck used to cast white spells, but printed on the cards are messages that indicate for what type of spells does a particular card work for. For example, the 3 of Swords card can be used to heal from a heartbreak. But something that I saw in the cards caught my attention. Each card has a message that directs the reader/user of this deck on what the card will do for them. But that message that is printed on the card is also helpful for the person to understand what the card means. This is a fantastic deck for Wiccans or for those wanting to learn tarot. If you are interested in this cute and down to earth tarot deck, click here

© 2010 – 2015 J. R. Rivera
Reproduction prohibited without written permission from the author.


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