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Oracle of Shadows and Light

“No more shall the strangelings hide
in the shadows! Welcome to their
mysterious world of magick and beauty,
where dreams are stranger than reality,
but-oh-so-likely to come true when you
awaken your own power.”
~ Quote from the bottom of the box.

20. Oracle of the Shadows & Light

Title: Oracle of Shadows and Light

Author: Lucy Cavendish

Illustrator: Jasmine Becket-Griffith

Publisher: Blue Angle Publishing/Beyond Words Publishing

  • Who are these majestic creatures? Where do they come from? What are they trying to tell us?
  • The Oracle of Shadows and Light presents 45 magical beings that have crossed over from their realm to our world to deliver us some good news. Yet, the news they bring might also be a heads up. In this oracle deck you get faeries, witches, angels, ghosts, and deities. Each being gives a message that’s to be followed, taken into consideration, or simply do as you please with.
  • In this oracle deck, there’s the Hindu Goddess Kali whose message is, “From death comes rebirth”. Of course that happens! She’s the reason why things die and are reborn again. For example, one breaks up with their partner, after the break up, a new partner comes along. A project is started then finished.
  • One card that I find very interesting and honest to the dot is the, “Carnivorous Flower Fairy”. Her message is, “A tempting offer has a high price”. Of course it does! Why people never seem to take this message into consideration is beyond me. All have come across a situation as described by the carnivores flower fairy. But some are smart to turn the other way to avoid problems, and most are blind enough to give in and suffer the consequences.
  • Next there’s the three Greek Goddesses, “The Three Fates”. Ah yes, most of us know about the Three Fates. And for those who don’t, The three Fates “maneuvered” our destiny. In this oracle deck, The Three Fates deliver a message, “What comes around…”. In life, many people fail to understand that causing intentional harm to another person brings bad consequences. Or, say you’ve had to sacrifice, as a compensation, there’s a reward waiting for you.
  • The back design is not reversible, though the back design is beautiful and creative. A yellow door that appears to be cracked has an antique golden key hole. There are no titles on the back of the cards. The size of the cards is approximately 5 ½ inches in height x 3 ¾ inches in width. The card stock quality is very good and durable. They have an absolute matted feel to them, almost glossy. The print transfer is fantastic. There are hardly any flaws. You can see the details in each card.
  • The cards are fairly easy to shuffle. They are large and flexible. If you have rather small hands, it should not be a problem for you to shuffle the cards. The cards come in a very durable and sturdy box that will be sure to protect the cards and book from any damage, though the box provides a little bit of space for the cards to flow and rattle around. The box in which the cards come in shelves and stores perfectly, like a reading book, and it occupies little space at all.
  • The guide book is written by Lucy Cavendish. The guide book contains 160 pages. Each page gives a story about who this creatures are, the message that they are delivering to you personally, and the divinatory message. The artwork is done by renowned artist, Jasmine Becket-Griffith. The art work is soft, tender, breathless and leaves me with a warm spot in my heart. It’s low brow but with a twist of creative magic to it. The art is not altered by computer programs such as Photoshop. The art is hand made and painted with acrylic paints.
  • Over all, I’m flattered to work with these majestic beings. These lovely creatures bring nothing but good and bliss to those who are open to working with them as well as letting them guide them through their everyday tasks. This deck is ideal for all teenagers who love story telling as well as adults. If you’d like to get antiquated with this beings, click here to buy the Australian edition or to buy the American edition, click here!

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