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Hello everybody, I’m going to share a background story about myself  and what I do. First of all,  I’m a   tarot reader with 12 years of experience. Apart from being a tarot reader, I’m an avid tarot card collector, (surprise, surprise lol). I wasn’t blessed by having a mentor or teacher like  other readers that I’ve gotten to know.  I started reading tarot cards on my own at the tender age  of 13. Within time, I’ve learned to discover my hidden “gifts”. My gifts are clairvoyance, empath, and mediumship. Out of my 3 gifts, empath is my strongest. My very first tarot deck was a Latin American tarot deck called, Tarot Egipcios (which is a replica from the French Tarot called Grand Jeu de L’oracle des Dames by Etteilla) and was gifted to me by my mother and grandmother (they are not readers). I never knew that the Tarot Egipcios had a companion tarot book until a few years later, the book was given to me as a given as a gift from a family friend. Before I was given that book, I was reading the Tarot Egipcios intuitively, (which to my and other peoples surprise my reading were accurate). But the book does serve as a purpose, I can touch base with my deck.  Then, a year later, my 2nd Tarot Deck would be the Universal Waite. To make my story short, cartomancy is my passion and is the 2nd thing I live for. I love to read for people as well as myself. I take Tarot seriously. I only use Tarot for the good, such as helping people find their way in life or answer questions which they ponder when they feel lost. Also,  just for the simple fact that they can find the answers they’ve been looking for to put them at ease. Thank you for taking your time and reading this section. Talk to you soon. Good Bye!





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