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Book of Shadows Tarot vol. 1

Through the symbolize of tarot,
they deliver their messages from beyond,
shedding light on human experience.
~ Quote from the bottom of the box.



Title: Book of Shadows Tarot (as above – vol. 1)

Author: Barbara Moore

Illustrator: Grzegorz Krysinski and Simone Gabrielli

Publisher: Lo Scarabeo

  • What’s in your book of shadows?
  • The Book of  Shadows tarot is a 78 tarot deck that  is a collaboration that presents 78 beautifully illustrated cards that have been illustrated by five illustrators. This tarot deck and companion book was designed and written by Barbara Moore. Now, let me go ahead and outline what you will find in this tarot deck. Trust me, you’re going to need it 😉
  • The Major Arcana interpretations stay true to the Rider Wait system, but all 22 cards have been renamed. For example,
    1. The Fool becomes The Summer-lands
    2. The Sun becomes Litha
    3. Death becomes Yule
    4. The Emperor becomes The God
    5. The Empress becomes The Goddess
  • The pipes from 1-10 have been renamed to their elemental titles.
    1. Wands become Fire
    2. Cups become Water
    3. Swords become Air
    4. pentacles become Earth
  • The pipes interpretations are no longer associated with the Rider Waite, or any other system. And you won’t see any cups or wands through the cards. The four pipes are divided for the following,
    1. Fire (Wands) has to do with The Gods/Planets
    2. Water (cups) is reserved for The Goddesses
    3. Air (swords) is reserved for Divinatory systems
    4. Earth (pentacles)
  • The courts no longer become the their traditional court titles, instead they change to the following,
    (Which in my opinion it makes it so much easier to understand the courts now that they have been renamed.)
  1. Pages become Elements
  2. Knight become Maidens
  3. Queens become Mothers
  4. Kings become Crones
  • Now that I’ve covered what you need to know about the Book of Shadows system, let me review some of my favorite cards from this deck. One of the cards that called my attention was the 3 of Airs which represents scrying (to know more about scrying, click here). In the card there’s a young woman who sits in front of the mirror. She has her eyes opened and her reflection has her eyes closed. This card talks about everything that has to do with perception and clarity. How to see things from another point of view.
  • Here’s a card that brought itself to my attention. Card number 5, Book of Shadows. Of course most of us know what a “book of shadows is… A book of shadows is where Wiccans keep all their spells and anything that they’ve accumulated through out the years. Think of it as a diary (for a lack of the better term). A book of shadows can be created in whichever way the person feels and pleases. In the book of shadows tarot, the Book of Shadows takes the place of the Hierophant . The book of shadows card represents knowledge. Everything that you know or you’ve learned throughout the years. Or, anything that you wish to learn you can acquire it by reading and researching.
  • Guess who makes an appearance in the Book of Shadows tarot? Among all deities we have Mother of Earth which she’s known as Mother Earth, which is no other than the Greek Goddess Gaia. Gaia is the Goddesses and creator of earth. She created everything earthly. Basically created the elements (earth, fire, wind, and water). In the Book of Shadows Tarot, Gaia tells you to nurture earth. For example, go water your lilies. If you have a garden, attend your fruits and vegetables. She also talks about taking care of your physical self as well.
  • The back design are reversible and are very mystical. The background has an astral image where all the stars are scared all over the place. There are no titles on the back of the cards. The size of the cards is approximately 5 ½ inches in height x 3 ¾ inches in width. The card stock quality is very sturdy and holds up well. They have an absolute matted touch, The print transfer is fantastic as well.
  • The cards are very flexible. If you have rather small hands, it should not be a problem for you to shuffle the cards. The deck comes in a study and durable box. The Box has an extra slot to fit the upcoming deck titled, “Book of Shadows vol.2 So Below”.
  • In the kit, there is a guide book written by famed author Barbara Moore who out did herself with the creation of the deck and the guide book. The guide book is very well elaborated and gives a keen meaning for the minor arcana and an elaborated meaning for the major arcana. The book also explains about Wicca religion. If you are unfamiliar with the Wicca region, then the guide-book will inform you. In the guide book, you will also find the meanings to the
  • I must say, I’ve never really bonded too close with a tarot deck like I have with the Book of Shadows Tarot : As Above. I’m in love with the art and also with how keen and to the point the answers are! There is no right or when reading with the deck. All the answers are sharp and clear. Do be aware that this tarot deck deck has a “part 2” tarot deck that will be released in Spring of 2013. The titled of the 2nd deck that follows this one is The Book of Shadows So Below – Vol. 2. Also, note that it’s not mandatory for you to get the second deck, but the second deck will follow the Rider Waite tradition closely.

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