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Within the bounds of natural imagery and look into the
energies, fears, and wrong beliefs that
are holding you back from having the best life possible.

~ Quote from the back of the box



Title: Shamanic Healing Oracle Cards

Author: Michelle A. Motvzas

Illustrator: Michelle A. Motvzas

Publisher: Schiffer Publishing

  • The Shamanic Healing Oracle Cards is a nice and cozy oracle deck that features 44 beautiful cards The art in each card appears to be peaceful and very earthly. Each art contains different elements and symbols that give the messages to the cards more meaning.
  • In the first card there is a log that lays in the middle of the card and it divides the rain that’s falling from the sky and the lake. Under the tree, there is a blue butterfly that’s ready to fly forward and there are three white lilies. Resting on top of the tree are two blue eggs in a nest. The interpretation for this card is “new beginnings”. This card tells you that you need to let go of things in order to start fresh. It’s never good to let someone or something hinder you.
  • The second card that I found rather cute is called “Past, Present and Future”. In this card there are three black crows that are standing on top of one another. Behind them is a large black leaf and underneath them appears to be a stream of water. This card tells you to tie your past, present and future and to learn from it. It also advises you not to make the same past mistakes twice.
  • The last card which I liked is “Physic Development”. In this card there is a white swan that is floating on top of water. Underneath the water there appears to be vegetation. Above it there is a large yellow sun. This card is letting you know that there is a spark of psychic in you and it’s only a matter of time that you develop it.
  • The back of the cards is not reversible. The illustration used for the backs is a blue background with white frames. There is a brown colored hand with a white spot in the center.
  • The texture of the cards is sturdy and shuffle well. The edges of the cards are gilded. They are approximately a little over “4 x 6”.
  • The cards are stored in a beribboned magnetic box.
  • The text booklet is written by Michelle A. Motvzas and it features 120 pages. The book starts off with a Preface. Then there is a section called “How to do a Reading for Yourself and Others” and under this section there are tips and pointers like how to ground yourself, how to shuffle the cards, how to lay out the cards (this dose not refer to conducting spreads), how to scan the cards and become familiar with the images, how to read the cards and how to summarize the messages. Then you will find three simple and basic spreads like a one, three and five card spreads. After that, you will jump into the interpretations of the cards. One the left hand side you will have a short paragraph that tells you the meaning of the cards and on the right hand side you will have the picture of the card. The cool thing is that the pictures and pages are in color.
  • The illustrations are done by Michelle A. Motvzas. The images appear to be done by hand with chalk and possibly some oils and/or acrylic paints. The images emanate a good and earthly vibe, one that you do not see so often.
  • I found this oracle deck adorable and sensitive. I adore how simple and easy it is to read with. The images and the interpretations for the cards are very inviting. Michelle writes and elaborates the messages so well that it is easy to memorize and to connect with. The title for each card is self-explanatory and dose connect with the interpretations in the booklet. I adore anything that has to do with Native Americans and Shamans, when I saw this deck I had to get it. The size of the box is portable that you can carry it with you if you’d like. If you would like to purchase this oracle deck, click here!


© 2010 – 2016 J. R. Rivera
Reproduction prohibited without written permission from the author.


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