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Higher Intuitions Oracle

An oracle deck using animal and nature
to conquer indecision and place
people on their appropriate paths.

~ Quote from the bottom of the box


Title: Higher Intuitions Oracle

Author: Kristy Robinett

Illustrator: Johna Gibson Bowman

Publisher: Schiffer Publishing

  • Heed these earthly creatures messages for they have interesting things to share with you.
  • The Higher Intuitions Oracle presents 44 magnificent animals that Mother Nature has gifted us so we would never feel alone and to learn from them as well. This oracle deck features both realistic and mythical animals. Some say that animals have always been wise and have been the intuitive voice that we humans never listen to and simply ignore. Some animals even become our animal familiar.  In this oracle deck you will find mammals, birds, insects, and aquatic animals, all which will contribute by changing you life for the better.
  • In this oracle deck, a card that I found adorable is the card titled “Awakening” which features a cub who remains half-awake after awakening from its nap. When this cub card is drawn in a reading, it tells you that you need to awaken and see what’s around you. You may also want to be open minded to a situation and/or people around you. Over all, you will have to awaken both emotionally and mentally.
  • This deck includes one of many mythical creatures known as a Pegasus who has beautiful rainbow wings and who heeds the message “soar”. When this creature appears in a reading, it’s telling you to fly away freely, wherever you want to go. It is time to take charge of a situation and release anything that hinders you. If you are told to take a leap of faith, do so, you’ll never where it may lead you to.
  • Next, there’s the mythical creature known as the Phoenix who is rising from the flames and reinventing itself without limitations. This creature gives you the message to “take flight”. The Phoenix, much like the death card, tells you to shed your old ways, your old habits, and start from new. It also tells you that you are on the verge of a spiritual awareness and you may want to get in touch with your spiritual side.
  • The back designs are reversible and very warm and friendly. The back of the cards consist of a brown owl who sits on a tree with a full moon behind it.
  • The size of the cards are approximately 7.4 x 3.6 x  inches. The card stock quality is fantastic and very durable. They have a slight matted touch to them. They are not ridged or flimsy.
  • The cards are sturdy enough and shuffle gently. They are flexible and if you have small hands, it should not be a problem for you to shuffle the cards.
  • The box in which the cards come in is sturdy and holds the cards and booklet absolutely well. The box is a magnetic box with ribbons that hold the flap and the box together.
  • The small companion booklet included with the cards is written by Kristy Robinett, contains 128 pages that includes the name of the animal in the card, the message that it portrays, anywhere from 3 to 5 keywords per card, a quote from a famous public figure, and a brief but well elaborated description of the cards.
  • The artwork is done by Johna Gibson Bowman. The medium for the art appears to have been done with water colors with a touch of chalk painted on a canvas. The art is very friendly, yet very warm. The images along with the medium of art are inviting.
  • I just want to make clear of one thing. If you’re a dog lover, you won’t find a card illustrating a dog. And I wonder, out of all the intuitive animals, the dog (being the most intuitive) is not featured in this deck. As an avid dog lover, this saddens me. But none the less, this oracle deck is fantastic and it’s very easy to read. You don’t really need the companion booklet to understand the message that these cards convey. This oracle deck is idealistic for people of all age and gender. It is very child-friendly too. For children, these cards may be used to tell a story about animals. This oracle deck does live up to its title. Both the author and illustrator did a fantastic job bringing this oracle deck as well as the animals illustrated in the cards to life. To get antiquated with this oracle deck, which I know you will love, click here!

© 2010 – 2015 J. R. Rivera
Reproduction prohibited without written permission from the author.

2013 Pecto Award nominee for;

Outstanding Oracle Deck of the Year
Outstanding Illustrator for an Oracle Deck
– Johna Gibson Bowman


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