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Oracle of Visions (mass market edition)


Through lush Victorian, carnival and theatrical images,
the Oracle of Visions deck offers unique perspective
for intuitive and insightful readings.

~Quote from the box



Title: Oracle of Visions

Author: Ciro Marchetti

Illustrator: Ciro Marchetti

Publisher: U.S. Games System

  • Your vision is clear, see what awaits you.
  • The Oracle of Visions presents 52 cards which are just absolutely breath taking, every detail within the illustrations captures your sigh and never lets it go. It is one of the most intuitive oracle decks you will ever work with. The illustrations speak volumes.
  • A card that caught my attention and just picked on my mind is card number 20. Here we have a man blind folded by a red cloth. He holds a variety of gold chain which is tied and tangled together. Each chain has a pendulum which represents a religion.  Below the man and chains is an ape evolving into a human. The keywords associated with this card are Faith and Belief. When I saw this card, it gave me the impression that most of us are blinded by religion and much rather believe what we can see, as oppose to what we can not.
  • The next card is card number 3. Here sits a female jester with a purple hat who has her eyes closed. All sorts of things float around her. She may not notice it because she is either meditating or concentrating on something else. The keywords associated with this card are, Dreams, Meditation, and Spiritual Escape. When I saw this image, it reminded me of a neighbor who would sit in her porch while wearing her favorite indigo bandana. The woman was under going chemo therapy to treat her cancer with has developed in her stomach. Every time I would watch her, she had her eyes closed and prayed.
  • The last card that I found like a riddle (and I will tell you why) is card number 5. In this card we see a ship, birds, and a woman facing and traveling a different direction. The woman holds some sort a lasso that has four flags tied to it. Flight of Fancy, Leap of Faith, and Taking a Next Step. Now, here comes the clue. As you can see, it has an Italian, British, Venezuelan (or Colombian), and American flag. Each flag denotes the four countries which the creator of this oracle deck lived. Ciro was born in Italy, lived in the U.K., lived in South American, and established in the U.S.A. If you ever get a chance to speak to Ciro, tell him about this. 😉
  • The back of the cards has a jester inside a circle frame and they are not reversible.
  • The size of the cards are a bit bigger than 3 1/2″ inches in height x 5″ inches in width.
  • The cards are sturdy enough to shuffle. They are also flexible and they are not that glossy.
  • The box is a shoe box type of box which the cards comes in is very sturdy and stores the cards safe.
  • The  companion booklet has 140 pages which is written by Ciro Marchetti. the booklet starts of with an eight page Foreword, and after that, it continues with the card meanings. The card meanings is only 2 pages long and includes an image of the card and below it keywords for the cards, then the meaning of the card.
  • The artwork is done by internationally acclaimed artist Ciro Marchetti. The medium for the art is CGI (computer generated art) which looks fantastic and no one could ever imagine that it was made via computer.
  • This is by far one of the most acclaimed oracle decks of this year. Some of you may not be aware but a few years back, the Oracle of Visions was self published and released in a much larger purple box with a longer companion booklet which features very less pages. Between the self published and mass market edition, not has changed and no images have been replaced or altered. The only thing that is different (other than the box) is that the self published edition has gilded edges while the mass market edition does not, and the cards on the mass market edition feel a bit more sturdier. Regardless, if you want to own the Oracle of Visions (mass market edition), click here!


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