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Oracle of the Mermaids

When you connect with your Mermaids,
you tap into the vast reservoir
of the Feminine Divine, which in turn enhances
your ability to draw love into your life,
raise your self-esteem, and create sensual bliss…
~ Quote from the box



 Title: Oracle of the Mermaids

Author: Lucy Cavendish

Illustrator: Selina Fenech

Publisher: Blue Angel Publishing/U.S. Games System

  • Hear the calling of the sirens, for they have a message you need to heed…
  • The Oracle of the Mermaids contains 45 sublime and lively illustrated cards. Each card features a some sort of water maiden, be it a mermaid or a siren. In this oracle deck, for about the first time and unlike many other mermaid oracle decks, you will see a few male mermaids as well as two Goddesses, Yemaya and Aphrodite, who have been featured in this oracle deck as well as incorporated as mermaids!
  • One of the cards which I feel in love with was the card titled Divine Sensuality. This card has a blond mermaid laying on the ground with a rose and rose petals around her. She appears to have no breast wear covering her breast other than the hands which are crossed. Her fin tail is red and so are the scales on her arms. She looks at you ever so sensual, calling and asking you to be seduced. This card denotes that you should never care what others have to say about your sexuality or who you engage in making love to. You are entitled to treat your body and desires to who and which you want to. The key words for this cards are, Making Love & Erotica. Like I said earlier, one of my favorite cards. 😉
  • This card, titled Honor The Masculine has got to be one of the most utmost card which represents all males and that they too should be honored. In this card a mermen floats underneath and in the middle of the ocean with his arms stretched out. A beam of light, bubbles, and radiant waves surround him. If you are a man, this card tells you to honor yourself and feel that you are one. The keywords for this card are Respecting Men, Embracing the Masculine Divine.
  • The last card titled Yearning, is an old traditional one, it’s about what mermaids do best. In this card we see a mermaid who has come to the aid of a sailor whose ship has wrecked. It appears that this mermaid brought him to shore, but is somehow wanting for him to wake up and to embrace her the same manner she’s embracing him. This card speaks about yearning or longing for someone whom you’ve known, met, or not even met yet. Though it is suppose to be alright for you to yearn for someone, in this case it’s not so good. Yearning for someone may cause distractions in your daily life and priorities. The keywords for this card are Longing for Someone, Undesired Separation, and Pining.
  • The back designs are not reversible and consist of a blond and pale skin mermaid with a green mermaid tail who floats in the middle of the ocean in what appears to be a cave of some kind.
  • The size of the cards are approximately 5 ½ x 3 ¾ inches. They have an absolute matted and glossy feel, preventing the cards from sticking to one another and with a very gentle and soft feel.
  • The cards are very sturdy enough and shuffles gently. They are flexible, and even if you have small hands, there will not be much of a problem shuffling them.
  • The box where the cards are stored is a two piece, bottom and lid, that is very sturdy and stores the card and booklet absolutely well.
  • The companion booklet is written none other than by Australian author Lucy Cavendish and contains 168 pages. The companion book starts off with an Introduction, then small paragraphs titled  The Healing of the Merfolks, Mermaid History, Mermaids and Sensuality, The Symbols of the Mermaid, Kinds of Mermaids, Why We Must Connect With Water, Mermaids and Moon Cycles, Why Are Mermaids Sometimes Mistrusted, How To Connect With The Mermaids, Signs The Mermaids Are With You, When To Work With This Deck, Card Layouts That Connect With The Mermaids, Blessing Of The Waters To You… After this, the card meanings are introduced which consist of the image of the card on the left side of the page, the title of the card and keywords on the right side of the page, then three messages of the cards which are titled, The Mermaid Sings, Reversed and Divination.
  • The artwork is done by Austrian Faery and fantasy artist Selina Fenech. The medium for the art for the cards
    appears to be two types of arts, some being painting on canvas and the other ones being drawn through computer.
  • I’ve seen and slightly worked with other mermaid oracle decks, but this one takes the cake! The Oracle of the Mermaids really connects with the readers on all levels and these water creatures speak volumes when you consult with them. Lucy Cavendish has given these sirens a higher voice, one which you can’t miss. If you are interested in learning and getting to know these mermaids, click here!


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