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White Magic Tarot Spell Cards

Your White Magic Tarot Spell Cards are not
magical in and of themselves.
They need to be used within a spell to
become activated by the energy you create.

~Quote from the little white book


Title: White Magic Tarot Spell Cards

Author: Jill Scott

Illustrator: Jill Scott

Publisher: Self-Published

  • Cast the simplest, yet effective white spell.
  • The White Magic Tarot Spell Cards consists of 78 cards that are just a delight to work and read with. These cards are easy on the eyes but the messages that they deliver are just MAGICAL! Every card has a message written in it that tells how the card will help you in a certain or particular area in your life. Keep in mind that the Pages, Knights, Queens, and Kinds have been renamed to the following, the Pages become Innocence, Knights become Guardians, Queens become Goddess, and Kings become Gods.
  • For those who want to conduct a white spell with one of the cards, I recommend to do the Devil Card (Reversed). In this card, there is a red sinister owl that looks at us and below it there’s are two mice. When doing a spell with that card, it will help you recover from bad addictions (any type of addiction) and/or bad relationships. Since we all know that the devil is never a good card in a reading, it’s nice to know that there’s a solution to this.
  • For those who are in a relationship, and would like for the relationship to flourish, it is recommended that you do a spell with the two of cups. In this card there are two lavender cups that are standing side by side and on top of it, in the center on the cups, there are several lines that form a heart. This card is used to conduct a spell that enforces relationships to find a common thread.
  • For those who like or work with spiritual spells that involve children or an animal, the Innocent of Air (Page of Swords) is the right card. In this card there are a child/babies footprints.
  • The backs of the cards are reversible. The color for the back of the cards is mint green and the snowflake patterns.
  • The size of the cards are approximately 3” by 5”.
  • The cards slim, but are sturdy and hold up very well when shuffling. The cards have a matted feel. They are non slippery.
  • The deck of cards come wrapped in a cute and simple bag. Included with the bag and cards is a 4 inch white candle that is used when conducting your white magic spells.
  • The booklet that accompanies this tarot deck is a little white book that’s written by Jill Scott. The little white book does not have the meaning of the cards (because the meanings are printed on the cards). The Little White Book gives instructions on how to conduct a spell with the cards and it also lists with an explanation on the types of spells you can conduct, for example, Smoke & Wax Spell, Moon Magic Spell, Storm Magic, Poetry Power Spell, Ocean Energy Spell, Bath Spell, Garden Spell, and Campfire Spell.
  • The cards are created/illustrated by Jill Scott. The medium for creating the cards was a bit of graphic design and photo manipulation.
  • This is the first time that I’ve EVER seen a tarot deck that is dedicated and its usage is concentrates on conducting white magic. I’ve seen and read books that explain how one can cast spells with any tarot deck, but never a tarot deck that is used to cast spells. This is by far a fantastic and innovating idea thought out by the wonderful Jill Scott. Not only is this tarot deck used to cast white spells, but printed on the cards are messages that indicate for what type of spells does a particular card work for. For example, the 3 of Swords card can be used to heal from a heartbreak. But something that I saw in the cards caught my attention. Each card has a message that directs the reader/user of this deck on what the card will do for them. But that message that is printed on the card is also helpful for the person to understand what the card means. This is a fantastic deck for Wiccans or for those wanting to learn tarot. If you are interested in this cute and down to earth tarot deck, click here

© 2010 – 2015 J. R. Rivera
Reproduction prohibited without written permission from the author.


Kabbalistic Vision Tarot

78 beautiful tarot cards are widely analyzed showing the
past, present, future, obstacles, final results, and
other important divinations symbols
to help the reader understand particle solutions
to their everyday questions and situations.

~Quote from the box


Title: Kabbalistic Vision: The Marini-Scapini Tarot

Author: Marco Marini

Illustrator: Luigi Scapini

Publisher: Schiffer Publishing

  • Be susceptible to know how the universe work and what to receive from it.
  • The Kabbalistic Vision Tarot contains 78 outwardly and radical illustrated cards. The characters in the cards portray (act out) the soulful meaning of the card. They portray our everyday life activities and duties on a profound and mysterious way that most of us may understand.
  • Out of the deck, there is one card that I found oddly fascinating and interesting. This card is The Hermit. Illustrated in this card are the abdominal organs that are the stomach, liver, large and small intestines, pancreas, and gall bladder. On the left hand side, there is a candle that’s burning and on the right side, there is a red rose. At the bottom of the large intestine, there appears to be brasses burning. When this card appears in a reading, it is tell that anything and everything that is done will be in vain.
  • In the Knight of Swords, there’s a knight dressed in his armor who stands in front of a mirror and his reflection is a nude male. He stands on top of a rug that appears to have a woman under it. This card is not a very positive one. It foretells that there will be difficult and intense situations, but they will last a short period of time.
  • The Five of Wands is a comical card. There, it illustrates a young girl kicking a young boy in the buttocks. The young boy is on the ground crying. A crow that stands on a tree branch appears to be laughing at the boy. This card represents fear, anxiety and defeat.
  • The back designs are reversible and consist of what appears to be monuments of scared sites in the world. They are illustrated in different colors; these colors connect with the chakaras.
  • The sizes of the cards are approximately 2 ½ x 4 ¾ inches. They have an absolute matted and glossy feel, preventing the cards from sticking to one another and have a very gentle and soft feel.
  • The cards are very sturdy enough to shuffle gently. They are flexible and non-ridged. The high of the cards is a bit longer, so for those with small hands, I’m sure there’s a different way that you can shuffle the cards. Oh, and the edges of the cards are Pewter which add a lovely detail with the dark border around the cards.
  • The box where the cards are stored is a rectangle be-ribbon two-piece box that is very sturdy and stores the card and book well.
  • The companion book for this tarot deck is written by Kabbala expert, Marco Marini who has appeared as a guest in many Italian television programs where he speaks about Kabbala. The companion book is written in fashion where the reader can understand the meaning of Kabbala and the meaning of the cards. The book starts of with the following chapters and pages. First we have the Introduction, then a diagram and chart of the Kabbala cycle. Then, there’s a section in the book called, The Tree of Life and Its Structures. This section explains the meaning of the following, Kether (Crown), Chokmah (Wisdom), Binah (Understanding), Chased (Mercy), Geburah (Severity), Tiphareth (Beauty), Netzach (Victory), Hod (Glory), Yesdo (Foundation), Malkuth (Reign), and The Four Worlds of the Kabbalists. After this section, we have the following called The Three Ways that explain what we humans posses within us and what makes us unique. These three ways are The Way of the Spirit, The Way of the Soul, and The Way of the Body. Next we have The Letters of the Torah that explains the following, The Three Mother Letters, The Seven Double Letters, and The Twelve Simple Letters. And last but not least, we reach familiar ground which are the meanings of the Major Arcana, Courts, and Suites. In the end there’s a chapter called Tarot Reading System that consist of tarot spreads.
  •  The artwork is done by Italian painter, Luigi Scapini, who has illustrated 15 tarot decks. The medium for these artwork is appears to be a mixture of oils and pastels.
  • This is by far one of the longest time consuming reviews that I have ever done! Not because I was procrastinating, but because there is so much to learn and understand about Kabbala and this tarot deck! I’ve never seen or heard of a tarot deck that incorporated and entwined with Kabbala, this is a first for me. This tarot deck takes you on a fantastic journey of what you will learn and discover. What I liked was that the meaning of the cards does not follow any classical tarot system. Maybe one or a few cards may share a similar meaning any of the tarot systems. As a bonus, or simple a complimentary gift, included in the box is a folded chart that illustrates the diagram of the Kabbala tree! If you are a Kabbala expert or simply wanting to wet your feet into Kabbala, acquire this tarot deck.

© 2010 – 2015 J. R. Rivera
Reproduction prohibited without written permission from the author.

The Chronicles of Destiny Fortune Cards

From ancient times, storytelling has
been an engaging method to impart ageless
wisdom through underlying meanings
and morals of treasured tales.

~Quote from the box


Title: The Chronicles of Destiny Fortune Cards

Author: Josephine Ellershaw and Emily Ellershaw

Illustrator: Claudia McKinney

Publisher: Schiffer Publishing

  • Flip the pages form the book of Destiny, let it show you what your future awaits.
  • The Chronicles of Destiny Fortune Cards features 60 lavish and illuminating illustrated cards. Each card features a character with a story behind it. These characters may appear menacing or tranquil. Others may appear like characters within a dream or out of your imagination.
  • One of the cards that I was fascinated by when I saw it was card number 31. The Dream catcher. Here sits an Indian woman who gives her back to use, but has her head turned to her left side, as if she’s looking at something. In front of her is a huge and round dream catcher tied to a leather strap from who knows where (a tree maybe?). She wears a skirt made of peacock and has a tattoo on her back that consists of flowers and the face of a woman (her ancestor or mother nature?). The meaning of this card is to take physical or spiritual protection from bad influences that surround you. Be careful with whom you deal with and whom you let into your circle of friends.
  • One card I just liked so much because of its dark and Goth-like nature is 21. The Baroness. Here stands a pale skin and silver hair woman who wears a black mascaraed mask and a long silk black dress and holds a silk Chinese hand fan. Rose petals appear to rain down and surround her. This card comes as a warning and tells you that there is a hidden enemy lurking behind your shadows.
  • The last that’s quite interesting is 60. Heroin II. In this card there’s a young woman that stands in front of us. She holds a silver sword pointing to the ground and wears a black dress with a red hood over her (a mature little red ridding hood much?). This card is an alternative version of the woman card that can be used to denote a 2nd or 3rd party person. It can also be used for same sex couples.
  • The back designs are not reversible and consist of one main color that’s a blend of silver and blue.
  • The character assigned for the back of the card is the face of an Aztec woman.
  • The sizes of the cards are approximately 4 ½ x 2 ¾ inches. They have an absolute matted and glossy feel, preventing the cards from sticking to one another and have a very gentle and soft feel.
  • The cards are very sturdy enough to shuffle gently. They are flexible, and fit well in any size of hands and won’t be much of a problem shuffling them. Also, the edges of the cards are gilded!
  • The box where the cards are stored is a two-piece box, bottom and lid, which is very sturdy and stores the card and booklet absolutely well. The format of the box is that of a book and may be confused for an actual book for an un-vigilant eye.
  • The companion book for this oracle deck is written by, Josephine Ellershaw and Emily Ellershaw (a mother-daughter collaboration). The companion book is the size of a square and is a perfect fit and can be carried anywhere. The cover of the book is green and has an illustration of a leather strap that ties and closes the book. Though the book appears to be small, it is packed with 175 pages. In this book you will find an Introduction, How to use this set, and a Prologue. Then you will come to the Meanings of the 60 cards. For the meaning of the cards in each page, in the left hand side, you will find the picture of the card and below it, a small box that has the keywords for the cards. In the right hand side, you will find a small story for the card and below it, the meaning of the cards. After reading the meanings of the cards, you will find several ways to read the cards.
  • The artwork is done by, Claudia McKinney (daughter of Mexican-American film and recording artist Alberto Vazquez). The artwork is done by photo manipulations that are done very tastefully and diligently. The art in the cards stand out, making the colors look vibrant and radiant.
  • This is a fantastic oracle and one that will be an all time favorite. The production, design, and presentation that’s done by Schiffer publishing never fails. It shows that Josephine, Emily, and Claudia dedicated their soul, effort, and vitality to create this magnificent oracle deck. These cards are fantastic and idealist to story and fortune telling. I’m taken by the companion book as to how easy it is to read and follow for anyone of any age. If you are looking for a modern oracle deck, don’t hesitate and get copy for yourself by clicking here.

© 2010 – 2015 J. R. Rivera
Reproduction prohibited without written permission from the author.

Sacred Rebel Oracle

When you are a sacred rebel
you want to be fully alive and express
your authentic truths.
~ Quote from the box


Title: Sacred Rebel Oracle

Author: Alana Fairchild

Illustrator: Autumn Sky Morrison

Publisher: Blue Angel Publishing

  • Ready, set, go… Let your rebel side unleash.
  • The Sacred Rebel oracle deck includes 44 captivating and radiant illustrated cards. Each card features a character doing an activity that unleashes loud actions, some we may understand or even relate to.
  • From the deck, a card that I found inspiring is card number 43. Come to Life. In this card sits a woman on the floor. This card is black and white (grey) and a crow stands on her shoulder and a monkey sits on her knee. The monkey holds a jar of beige paint and the woman paints her leg with that paint. As if she’s adding color to her skin, to her life. This card is telling you that there is so much to live for. You cannot resign yourself to lose or to surrender.
  • A card that I found very cute and reminded me of the Fool card from the tarot deck is card 40. Sacred Fool. In this card there is a woman who sits on the floor. She is nude and has the hat of a marionette. When this card is drawn, it says that you should let things happy. Do things that you have not done before, should they seem appropriate, use precaution.
  • Last card, 34. In the World, Not of the World, there is a woman who is emerging from the sea, and swimming around and also emerging are a group of fish. When this card is drawn, it is telling you that you do not belong to anyone or anything; you are your own person and can do whatever it is that makes you happy and complete. Never give into to the approval of others.
  • The back designs are not reversible and consist of the same image used in card 7. Legacy of Light and the front cover of the box and book.
  • The sizes of these cards are approximately 5 ½ x 3 ¾ inches. They have an absolute matted and glossy feel, preventing the cards from sticking to one another and have a very gentle and soft feel.
  • The cards are sturdy, shuffles gently, and are flexible!
  • The box where the cards are stored is a two-pieces, bottom and lid, that is very sturdy and stores the card and booklet absolutely well.
  • The companion booklet is written by Alana Fairchild and contains 180 pages! In the companion book, you will get an Introduction, Why do we need Creativity, What Creative Awaking Offers, This Oracle Deck Works With You, How you can work with this oracle, Card Spreads, and last the meaning of the cards which are very lengthy, but very informative. You will also get a Healing Process affirmation.
  • The beautiful illustrations for this oracle deck are done by Autumn Sky Morrison. The medium for the art appears to be off different mediums.
  • This is one particular and innovating oracle deck that you should acquire. This oracle deck may seem to be the ordinary ones that are published, but it is not! It takes a whole different direction. This oracle deck teaches and helps you to become a rebel with a good cause. What I feel and believe that this oracle deck helps us to do is to unravel ourselves and learn to do things without being held back or down, let what it is inside of us come out and do what needs to be done. Of course, this should be done with moderation. If you are interested in working with this oracle deck, click here!

© 2010 – 2015 J. R. Rivera
Reproduction prohibited without written permission from the author.

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