Cartomancy Reviews.

The WayCard Oracle

Varied themes – Child, Nest, Hero Crossroads, Threshold,
Betrayal, Earth, Air, Fire, and
Water – reflect your journey.

~ Quote from the back of the box


Title: The WayCard Oracle
A Guide to the Inner Journey

Author: Martha Winona Travers

Illustrator: Martha Winona Travers

Publisher: Schiffer Publishing


  • The WayCard Oracle is a unique and simple deck of cards that features 33 ordinary illustrated cards that depictures keywords for our better judgment.
  • I can’t say much about the illustrations on the cards since there are not any. The illustrations are done by Martha Winona Travers. All cards have the same background/templet. The background is white and there is faded gray arrow pointing north. In the middle of the image and for all 33 cards, there is a keyword that is used for divination.
  • The back of the cards is not reversible and it bares the same background/templet as the front of the card. Only that in the background color is a forest green and the arrow pointing north is a gold color.
  • The texture of the cards is semi-sturdy and shuffle well. The cards are matted and feel really nice. They are approximately “4 X 5”.
  • The cards are stored in a beribboned magnetic box.
  • The text booklet is written by Martha Winona Travers. This book contains 96 pages. The book starts off with a Foreword, a Preface and an Introduction. Then you are introduced to a “Table of Correspondence”. Then to a section called “How to Use the Cards” and here are included two spreads called “Patterns” and “Three Cards”. Then you are brought to a section called “Interpretation of the Waycards”, this will give you the meanings to all 33 cards. For each chapter you will see the title of the card, a group of keywords (other than the ones written for each card), a quote from a philosopher or author and an a lengthy description.
  • I’m pretty impressed by this oracle deck. I don’t recall ever seeing anything so simple before. When I learned that it had 33 cards, I thought it was one of those French/Lenormand oracles. Then seeing the cover of it, I thought it had to do with something Celtic or nature oriented. The book is well written and it explains perfectly what the cards mean. Some people may be put off that it does not include any illustrations, but think of it this way, all that empty white space serves to write notes, what the cards mean. If you are interested in picking up this oracle deck, click here!


© 2010 – 2016 J. R. Rivera
Reproduction prohibited without written permission from the author.


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