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Oracle of the Angels

Each time you perform a reading, you will tap into
new insight and deep wisdom from your angels
and benefit from the profound sense of peace that
comes from knowing you are always loved and protected.
~ Quote from the Box

Title: Oracle of the Angels

Author: Mario Duguay

Illustrator: Mario Duguay

Publisher: Blue Angel Publishing

  • Let these celestial beings ignite you with their advice and words of wisdom.
  • Oracle of the Angels includes 44 illuminating and transcending art cards that features not only angels, but other things involving nature. Every card is beautifully illustrated and provides a message for you to take and to apply it to your everyday life routine. When you need advice, simply draw a card and an angel will guide you with their words of wisdom.
  • The card titled ‘Comfort’ has a beautiful concept and them. In this card we see a male angel with his wings point up while holding a young woman who has the left side of her head close to his chest, as if she’s hearing the angels heart. He wraps his arm around her shoulder and his hand is placed on her head, holding her close, comforting her from whatever it is that she’s afraid of. When this card is drawn, it is asking you to take comfort because a divine being is by your side whenever you feel in trouble.
  • The card titled ‘Transformation’ has to be one of my favorites. Here we see a woman who sits on the ground with her head reaching her knees. She has cracks all over her body, which it appears that time and life has taken its toll on this woman and it is time for her to go to heaven. Emanating out of her back, are white rays, orbs and lights which are entwined with butterflies of all colors who follow the spirit of the young woman. When drawn, this card does not mean death, but it tells that the person is going through a new transformation, a positive one which they have worked very hard for.
  • The card titled ‘Opportunity’ has an illustration that feels very warm and friendly and inviting. Here we see an angel who is standing inside an orb, extending both her hands out with flams in her palms. Nature is all around her. When this card is draw, it is telling that there are so many chances and opportunities at someone’s reach, which in turn, life will grant an abundance of opportunities.
  • The back of the cards are not reversible and the illustration used for the back of the cards is a sword which plunges into a group of clear quartz. In the back of the sword and quartz, clouds open up, letting light through. There is a yellow/orange circle in the center, but behind the sword.
  • The size of the cards are about 3 1/2″ inches in height x 5″ inches in width. A tad smaller than the average oracle decks published by Blue Angel. If you have small hands, they are perfect for you.
  • The cards are absolutely sturdy, flexible, non-glossy and easy to shuffle.
  • The box in which these cards come in is an original two piece box.
  • The companion booklet that’s included with this oracle deck is written by Mario Duguay. This companion book is simple to read and follow, and gets straight to the point. The booklet starts off with a chapter titled ‘How to use these cards’ which includes small paragraphs titled, ‘Welcoming and preparing your cards’, ‘Intention’, ‘Your Question’, ‘The Shuffle’, ‘Jumping Cards’, ‘Spreads’, and ‘The Future’. Then, you have the following spreads which are, One Card Reading, Four Card Spread, Your Unfolding Purpose Spread, Rainbow Chakara Spread, and The Creative Star Spread. After this, the following pages are the card messages.
  • The illustrations are done Mario Duguay. The artwork is absolutely vivid and translucent, and at the same time very serene and peaceful. The artwork for this oracle deck appears to be done through computer.
  • I’m by far smitten with this oracle deck which is a true beauty and gem. What I like about this oracle deck is the messages that it delivers! The messages are kind, but they are NOT sugar coated and are much more powerful than any other angel oracle decks, especially those by Doreen Virtue. And as for the companion book, very easy to understand and to relate to. If you are look for a true and authentic oracle deck with angelic themes, this oracle deck is the perfect one for you or anyone else. Click here to become acquainted with his majestic beings.

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