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Mythical Creatures Oracle

The symbolism and messages
remind us to embrace the positive,
rather than dwell on the negative.

~Quote from the back of the box


Title: The Mythical Creatures Oracle

Author: Sky Cybele

Illustrator: Sky Cybele

Publisher: Schiffer Publishing

  • Jump inside the realm of these mystical creatures who are waiting to advise you.
  • The Mythical Creatures Oracle includes 44 adorably illustrated cards of legendary creatures from different cultures that will captivate your heart and leave you wanting to know and learn more about them.
  • One of my favorite cards from this oracle deck is the Chupacabra (Goat-sucker in Spanish). This has to be one of the most popular and infamous creature that brought fear too many people in the 1990’s. In this image the Chupacabra is sitting on a dead cow, that he, has killed and pointing his right finger at what looks like a passage. When this creature is drawn in a reading, it tells of people being afraid of things that they don’t know.
  • Second card that caught my attention was Sasquatch (A.K.A. Bigfoot). Who does not know Sasquatch? Theories indicate that Sasquatch is an alien because it has the ability to appear and disappear to a different dimension. Others say that it is the missing link from the human race. When Bigfoot appears in a reading, it indicates the need to be observant and keep an eye out on what is valuable to you.
  • Third card that totally caught me off guard was the Siren card. I always been told that a Siren was a mermaid. But to my surprise, it’s actually a creature with the body (from head to hips) of a human, the waist and feet of a bird with wings of a bird too. These creatures are seductive and lure men with their sensuality, only to finish them off! When this Siren appears in your readings, it denotes that you are lead into temptation. Someone close to you is working their way to take advantage of you.
  • The illustration used for the back of the cards is reversible because you can read the cards if they are drawn upright or in reverse. The illustration include yellow snake that is eating its own tail.
  • The cards are a tad smaller than Schiffer’s normal card size. Even if these cards are smaller, you can still see the detail in the illustrations and fit well in any type of hand sizes. The texture of the cards are durable and sturdy.
  • The box in which the cards come in is sturdy and holds the cards and booklet well. The box includes two ribbons that hold the top and bottom lids together. The cards rest in the center of the box in a small compartment, and the book rests on top of the cards.
  • The companion book is written by Sky Cybele and includes 160 pages. This companion book provides too much wonderful and useful information! (I don’t think I’ve never encountered a companion book from an oracle deck that has this much information.) The book begins with a lovely Acknowledgments page and then a preface called From Past to Present. After that, a page called Card List & Keywords where keyword meanings of the cards are provided. And then we are presented with the Introduction page.* Chapter 1 page called Mythical Creatures As Totems. In this page there is a section called Mythical Creatures Totems Based on Occupation, Social Role, or Activity that are associated with the characters. For example, the Phoenix represent a person recovering from a trauma. Then after this small section, there’s Mythical Creatures Totems Based on Dominant Personality Traits. For example, the Goblin represents a person who is a trouble maker or untrustworthy. The next section is called Once You Identify Your Totem or Totems. This basically tells you what to do and how to use your totem.* Chapter 2. Here you will find tutorial that you can do by yourself. The first paragraph called Meditation for Self-Empowerment where it will introduce and elaborate the causes of meditation. The next paragraph called How To Perform a Power Animal Working will give you beneficial step by step instruction on how to mediate and connecting with your animal totem. After those two paragraphs, you will find another paragraph called Suggested Mythical Creatures As Power Animals. Here you will learn how you can invoke a mythical creature as guardian or as an aid or mediator to help you with a problem. For example, if you are the kind of person that has difficulties making decisions, you can call upon Ammut to help you. For each creature there will be provided a Recommended Use (what this creature can help you fix), Caution (how and what not to use it for), Desired Qualities (what qualities you can ask it for), Mantras, and Extra Suggestions.* Chapter 3 you will find a section called Dealing With Monsters. This section will help you how to deal with negativity, especially from people. In this chapter there is a section that informs you which creatures are negative. For example, the negativity for the Harpy is anger and rage. The next section is called Creatures That Bring Negative Qualities in Addition To Positive Ones. The next section titled, What To Do With Monsters will teach you how to deal with this negative creatures and their energies.

    * Chapter 4 you will discover a section called How To Use The Cards For Divination and you will be provided with tips on Asking The Right Question, in the section called “What Creature Am I?”, you will learn and understand what creature you are and the qualities you poses. Also, you will be given the following helps such as, What Creature Is The Other Person?,” “What Is At The Root of a Particular Situation?,” What Creature can Help Right Now?,” and the Complex Card Reading is a spread designed to help you figure a problem out between and up to two more people.

    * Chapter 5 you will find The Card Meanings! In each page for each creature you will find Keywords, Mythological Background for each creature, a lengthy and informative Card Meaning paragraph, and even an Inverted short paragraph. After you are done reading the Card Meaning chapter, you will find the Appendix page called, More Mythical Creatures where you will find a small biograph of 20 creatures who did not make the cut in this oracle deck. If those 20 creatures listed did make the final cut, this oracle deck would have consisted of 64 freaking cards! (lol).

  • The illustrations for the cards are done by Sky Cybele. The art medium for the cards consist of pen sketches, scanned into a computer and colored with the use of Photoshop.
  • I am truly delighted with this cute and fantastic oracle deck, right down from its characters that are illustrated in the cards to its lengthy and informative companion book. When I saw just how much information is provided for us, my jaw dropped. Never have I ever owned an oracle deck with that size and length of a companion book (listen up oracle creators, this is how you create an oracle deck with a power punch!) For some reason the illustrations in the oracle cards remind me of a book that I use to read when I was a child. The book was called “Where the Wild Things Are.” Is was one of my all-time favorite book. May be this explains why I’m so drawn to this oracle deck. I’ve seen tarot deck that feature mythical creatures, but not an oracle deck. For so long I’ve always wanted an oracle deck that features beautiful mythical creatures and now I have it. If you would like to own and work with this oracle deck, click here!

 © 2010 – 2015 J. R. Rivera
Reproduction prohibited without written permission from the author.


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