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Egyptian Lenormand (mass market edition)

Consisting imagery
channeled from the ancient
Egyptian Gods and Goddesses.

~Quote from the back of the box


Egyptian Lenormand

Author: Nefer Khepri

Illustrator: Nefer Khepri

Publisher: Schiffer Publishing

  • Egyptian deities forward there messages into these Lenormand cards.
  • The Egyptian Lenormand features 41 beautifully colored cards that are just warm, loving, and inviting you to explore what your future holds. Each card has lavish and very down to earth, yet vibrant colors that speak wonders.
  • This card called The Child caught my attention because of how symbolic it is illustrated. Here we don’t see an actual child sitting or standing in the image, instead we see three toys that belong to a child and are scattered on the floor. There is a wooden horse on wheels, a drum and a doll. The doll is a female and she can represent the child who is absent from the image. The Child card speaks of small things, small things in life that do matter. It can represent literally a child.
  • In this other card called The Dog, I’m just fascinated about because I myself love dogs. Here stands a grey dog that stands tall and very serous, vigilant and appears to be a guard, protecting its owners or village. He almost looks like an Egyptian deity who emanates his nobility. The Dog card represents loyalty and fidelity. This can represent a person who is a good and honest friend. It can also represent someone’s pet This is the Egyptian god, Anubis, who guided the soul through the Duat, or Egyptian underworld. He’s a protector and guide, also the god of embalming.
  • This card titled The Ring has to be one of the funniest cards from the whole entire deck. In this card we see a mummy’s left hand with what appears to be two rings. One being an eye on its index finger, and the other being a ruby stone on its pinky finger. My guess is that it’s the hand of a female mummy. The ring card represents commitment, be it in a relationship or a project. In ancient Egypt rings were worn by both males & females. The Eye is a Eye of Horus, a very powerful protective amulet. This was included on the mummy somewhere in every case for protection in the underworld.
  • The backs of the cards are non-reversible. On top of the card we have a deity/pharos brown eye (could be Nefers brown eye colors) and below it, it appears to be raining yellow light. Standing in front of the eye and light, there is a pyramid. This is the Eye of Horus (like on the Ring card).
  • The cards are a tad smaller than Schiffers decks normal card size. Even if these cards are smaller, you can still see the detail in the illustrations and fit well in any type of hand sizes. The texture of the cards is durable and sturdy. Speaking about cards, there are two Activation cards are used to activate the energies in the deck so it can be used for healing and magic. They aren’t actually used in any readings, but they can be carried as protective talismans since they do have the Eye of Horus depicted on them.
  • The card deck and book comes in an original Schiffer packaging box. The lid and bottom have two purple ribbons that hold it together. The cards are stored in a small compartment in the center of the box. The book lies on top of the cards.
  • Nefer Khepri wrote the book. This book is well organized and has 175 pages. It starts off with a Dedication, Acknowledgments, Preface and an Introduction. Then the chapter titled Interpretation of the Cards informs what the cards mean. For each card you have several Keywords and Playing Card Association. Then there are small paragraphs that provide background information about the symbol/characters in the cards and the divinatory meanings. Then at the end of these first paragraphs, there are some paragraphs that inform you about the Ancient Egyptian Meaning of the symbols/characters. After reading what the cards mean and their history, you will also get a chapter called How To Read Lenormand Cards which gives helpful tips on how to read the cards and several card spreads. The other helpful chapters are called, Activation of the deck for Healing and Magic, Health and Healing, The Power of Magic for Manifestations and a Conclusion.
  • The illustrations on the cards are drawn by Nefer Khepri. The cards are so vibrantly illustrated that the colors mix and match and stand out from one another.”
  • They are very soft on the eyes and yet illustrate a big picture. The medium for the art appears to be a blend of color pencils, chalk, and markers. Artistic mediums used: colored pencils, watercolor pencils & Caran D’Ache, which is a watercolor crayon. Outlining was done with black Copic Markers.
  • I remember when Nefer had a self-published version of this oracle deck and people were just taken by it and the 100-copy print run sold out. I was happy to hear that Schiffer picked this wonderful Lenormand deck and published. Nefer said that a total of 5 cards from the original have new illustrations, but that the concept remains the same. That’s pretty neat that some of the cards were changed, it makes her self-published edition unique. The Egyptian theme for this oracle deck suits it very well. I like how she incorporated deities in the cards, please know the meanings of this cards are from Nefer herself and not other sources. These meanings are the ones she uses to read her Egyptian Lenormand deck with. The interpretations are easy to memorize and flow very easy. With a little bit of practice, you will have learned the meanings in no time. One thing that I like from this Lenormand set is that the author/illustrator included five extra cards (making a 41 Lenormand deck) that are The Cat, The God and The Goddess. She also added two bonuses cards card Activation Cards that are used to supplement and enhance readings. If you want to acquire a copy of this Lenormand deck, click here.

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