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Justice League Tarot

Title: Justice League Tarot

Author: N/A

Illustrator: Sara Richard

Publisher: DC Collectibles


  • These superheroes and villains are here to give you important messages….
  • The Justice League Tarot features 78 wonderfully illustrated tarot cards. In these cards, there are both good and bad guys and girls who want to speak with you.
  • After going through the deck the first card I pulled aside was The Emperor. Why? Well here is why. The Emperor is not my favorite card, but my favorite superhero was incorporated in the emperor card. Who is my superhero? Aqua Man! Why is he in the emperor card? Because he protects and governs the sea and is able to communicate telepathically with sea animals who can be his allies when fighting the forces of evil. I’ve always liked Aqua Man because he can swim countless hours and days in water and at a fast rate. And he does not need oxygen. But like seal or a lion dog (lol) he can also survive on land. I’ve always loved water and I like mermaids, so Aqua Man is the closes thing to a male mermaid.
  • The next card that many tarot readers will find interesting is the 2 of Swords. Here’s a superhero (I do not know who she is) who is a tarot reader. She has her eyes closed and laid out in her table, in front of her, are three tarot (or oracle) cards. Very interesting.
  • The last card is the Page of Swords and the character that was used for this card is Robin (Batman’s side-kick). He is on top of rail in a skyscraper and he looks upset, very mysterious with a vigilant eye. Behind him is that light that they shine when they need Batman’s help.
  • The back of the cards are reversible. The design for the cards consists a different shades color blue. There are to circles on is on the lower left hand side and the other one is on the upper left hand side. It is basically a mirrored image.
  • The texture of the cards are very sturdy. They are not ridged nor flimsy. They have a matted feel. The shuffling holds up very well. The size of the cards are approximately 3” x 5”.
  • The storage box for this cards is sturdy! The box has a lid that you have to pull with your fingers in order to access the cards. The cards are stored inside a compartment in the center of the box and a black velvet-like bag rests on top of the cards.
  • Unfortunately there is no companion book or little white book that accompanies this deck.
  • The illustrations are done by Sara Richards. The illustration are done by hand and by color pencils.
  • When I heard of this tarot deck, I just had to have it! And thanks to a friend of mine by the name of Sammy, he gifted it to me as a Christmas present! To me, this deck is precious and I see it as the 6 of Pentacles because it beings me many childhood memories. When my siblings and I were young, we would stay up to watch reruns of the Justice League cartoon. Our toys were the justice league action figures and so were our clothes. So owning this tarot deck and going through the cards, I get a flood of memories. Even the characters that my siblings were a fan of are featured in this tarot deck. On a side note, as I mentioned earlier about lacking a guidebook, don’t let that discourage you from owning this tarot deck. But let me give you some tips that may help. If you are a seasoned tarot reader then you can do without a manual, but if you are starting off, you will need another book that provides the meanings of the cards. Or to save you money, there like billions of internet sources and YouTube videos that can help you learn the meanings. Now, I know that the lack of a manual for this tarot deck will makes it difficult to know who the characters are in each card. But there’s some hope. On your free time, you can visit this website and there you will find a LONG list of D.C. characters. You can also read their biography and background story. This will help you create a connection to this tarot deck. For a lack of companion book, there is a black velvet like tarot bag to store your cards in and carry with you. To buy this tarot deck, click here!

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The Ring Cycle Tarot

The Ring of the Ribelung, which traces the mythic tale of a
golden ring of unlimited power plagued by a deadly curse,
loose in the world of the Old Norse and Germanic gods.

~Quote from the back of the box


Title: The Ring Cycle Tarot

Author: Richard Wagner and Allegra Printz

Illustrator: Arthur Rackham

Publisher: Schiffer Publishing

  • Here is a musical drama, waiting to unfold itself to you…
  • The Ring Cycle Tarot is a beautifully done tarot deck that features 78 cards. These card are not just any ordinary cards, each cards portrays and tells a story. You just have to listen to it.
  • From the deck, a card which I found very interesting and with a classic, yet new concept is the “Devil” card which bears the title “Ring of Power”. In this image there is redhead (or blond) maiden who is wearing a nice white gown. She is somewhere in the woods and is sitting on her keens. She is obsessively kissing a ring on her finger. In most traditional tarot decks, you usually see the devil himself in the cards, holding two people hostage. The devil card talks about being materialistic, which correlates with the image in this card. When this card appears in a reading, it signifies that you have the devil on your shoulder, convincing you to do things you shouldn’t do.
  • The next card that I found intriguing is the 5 of Walsungs (5 of Cups). This card is known as “Sieglinde Lost in the Snow”. In this card there is a redhead maiden who looks helpless about something that she witnessed or experienced. Her hair is a mess and her white dresses is even a bigger mess. She is crawling on the floor for safety. It appears that behind her, there is a black opening to a cave (or a portal). This card represents that you are in need of support from a situation which you cannot find a way out.
  • The last card which I thought was powerful was the Queen of Gods (known as the Queen of Wands). The image is just so powerful! Here he have a young woman who is throwing her arms up in the air. It appears that she is surrounded by flames, even her gown appears to entwine with the flames. She rides a horse who also entwines with the flames. Though, both of them are immune to the flames. It does not burn them, but empowers them. This card represents that there is a situation which is calling to you, you can be eccentric and take it on, but do it with moderation.
  • The back of the cards are reversible. The design is simple, yet classy. The background is blue, but there is a yellow mirrored image of a woman (possibly a Valkyrie).
  • The texture of the cards is very sturdy! They shuffle wonderful! They also have a nice mattered coat. The size of the cards are a bit larger in length (keep that in mind for those who have small hands. But don’t let it stop you, there are many ways to shuffle the cards). The large length of the cards favors and displays the art beautifully. You get to see and spot such nice details within the art.
  • The storage box for this cards is very nice and sturdy! The box holds itself with ribbons and the lid is magnetic. The cards rest in one slot on the right hand side and the book rests on left hand slot.
  • Before I begin to review the book, I did not know where to start!!! This book is crammed with such wonderful information. The book contains a total of 254 pages. The book starts with a nicely written “Preface and Introduction”. Then you come across Chapter 1 titled, “The Epic Background” (And yes, the title is self-explanatory.) In here you will sections called, “On My Card Choices”, “Circle of Ring Possession: Through the Epic”, “Laying Out The Cards”, “Plot Synopses of the Four-Part Ring of the Nibelung” and that section informs you about “The Valkyrie”, “Siegfried”, “Twilight of the Gods”. Then Chapter 2 begins and is called “The Cards and Divinatory Meanings”. Then you are provided with three card spreads that are called, “The 3 Norns Spread”, The Nibelung Smithing Spread, and the “Ring Magical Implement Spread”. Chapter 3 is called the “Appendices” where sources were gotten to create this tarot deck and book. It also provides you with very useful information in case you are not aware of the Richard Wagner and his Ring of the Nibelung.
  • The illustrations for the cards are adapted from illustrations by Arthur Rackham.
  • This tarot deck is one that I found very interesting, and to be honest, very unusual (and I mean that in a good way!) It is very uncommon to find tarot decks that are based on another source. I find decks like this very unique, because if you think about it, imagine all the information that the creator has to invest and investigate! What I like about the companion book is that it starts off like some musical play. You have sections that are introduced as “Scene1”, “Scene 2”. If you are familiar with The Ring of Nibelung or have an interest in musical theater, acquire this tarot deck by clicking here!


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Tarot D: The Didactic Tarot

It transforms into a fully illustrated epic
poem or story as you experience
“Being. Doing. Thinking. Feel. Pause, and Changing.
Within iconic imagery.

~Quote from the back of the box


tarot d

Title: Tarot D: The Didactic Tarot

Author: Jeffrey M. Donato

Illustrator: Jeffrey M. Donato

Publisher: Schiffer Publishing

  • Experience life changing transformations…
  • Tarot D: The Didactic Tarot features 102 brilliantly illustrated cards. In these cards, you will transcend into a world unlike anything you’ve seen before. This tarot deck is not your ordinary and traditional tarot deck.
  • The card I saw and liked (and I know everybody will like), was the High Priestess. In this image she’s in her birth suit. She has wings on back that three colors, red, blue and yellow. She has white hair representing her wisdom. There is a green cobra watching out for her. In this tarot she is called “Vision of the Whispering Dreams” She basically represents the interpretation in the RW.
  • The next card that I liked is take from the one of the bonus cards. These card is called “Erosion” and it has green sea turtle, a white tiger with what appears to be a make Viking riding on top of it. The turtle and the tiger are racing, the meaning for this cards should be one that should be taken into consideration. This card tells that you are ending up in a losing everything. In situations, you have no foundation to stand on and everything you’ve worked for is slowly being taken away.
  • The last card is one of my favorite for obvious reasons. This card is from the suit of pentacles and it is the King of Pentacles that is called “The Master of Earth”. Why do I like this card? Because the zodiac Capricorn is incorporated in this card! Why else! (Lol). The Capricorn looks gorgeous! He has a look on his face like, “don’t mess with me!” He has his mermaid tailed attached to him and has a fox on top of him and a bouquet of roses below him. The interpretation for this card is the same as the traditional King of Cups.
  • The back of the cards are reversible. The design is beautiful and very colorful. In the center of the image there is a blue circle and at the top, left, right and bottom of the circle there is what I call and elementary symbol (fire, water, earth and air). By far, the illustration for the back of the cards is very appealing.
  • The texture of the cards are semi sturdy. They are not flimsy, but to allow easy flexibility to shuffle the cards. They have a nice coating that almost feels like leather with velvet. The shuffling holds up very well. The size of the cards are approximately 4” x 6”.
  • The storage box for this cards is very nice and sturdy! The box holds itself with ribbons and the lid is magnetic. Half of the cards rest inside the box on the left and right sections. The companion booklet rests on top the cards.
  • The companion book for this tarot deck is written by Jeffrey M. Donato and it has a total of 160 pages. The book is printed in full color, making it very appealing to read. The companion book is well organized. In the book there is “Acknowledgment” page and the “Contents”, then a “Foreword” written by the lovely and creator of the Pearls of Wisdom tarot deck, Roxi Sim. Then we see a “Preface” and an “Introduction”. We then come across Chapter 1 called, “Convitalis: the Great Book of Life.” (Keep in mind that in chapter one you will see four illustrations, but they are not included as card in the tarot deck.) Chapter 2 introduces you “The Fable of Fires: Be”. Chapter 3 introduces you to “The Epic of Earth: Do”. Chapter 4 introduces you to “The Anecdote of Air: Think”. Chapter 5 introduces you to “The Words of Water: Feel”. Chapter 6 introduces you to the NEW suit called “The Diffusion: Pause”. (This new suit only features 12 cards.) The last chapter, Chapter 7, introduces you to “The Tale of Time: Change.” Then there is a section called “Usage” and it gives you tips and pointers on how to use these cards and it includes four cards which are, a four card spread, the question spread, and the Celtic cross.
  • The illustrations are done by Jeffrey M. Donato. All the illustrations on done by his hands and use a mix of art styles like ink, chalk, and pastels.
  • I’m very pleased with this tarot deck. When I found out that is contains 102 (24 extra cards) I could not believe it! It has been a while that I’ve used or seen a tarot deck with so many cards! What caught my attention was the companion. It is easy to read and follow, but for being 160 pages, there is so much information for each card. I’m going to list some of the things that makes this tarot deck different from the rest. There are a total of 24 extra cards that makes this deck. Keep in mind that the pipes (1-10, knights-kings) are introduced first, then the majors are introduced last. There is also an extra suit that contains 12 cards. This suit falls in between the pipes and majors. Each pipe (wands, swords, cups and pentacles has two extra cards, one appears before the “Ace” card and the other one appears before the “Knight” card. As I mentioned before, there is an additional suit card and it is called “Diffusion” and contains 12 cards. There is an extra card in the majors, at the beginning of the “Fool” Card. The Magician has four alternative cards. The two of each court cards has an astrological character associated with it. If you are looking for a tarot deck that stirs away from, but remains close to tradition, I highly recommend this tarot deck. It is worth it. To buy click here!


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Reproduction prohibited without written permission from the author.

The Witches Oracle

The symbols and messages remind
us to embrace the positive,
rather than dwell on the negative.

~Quote from the box


The Witches Oracle

Title: The Witches Oracle

Author: Marla Brooks

Illustrator: Aunia Kahn

Publisher: Schiffer Publishing

  • Heed the oracle of the Witches…
  • The Witches Oracle features 45 lovely illustrated oracle cards. In these cards, there are familiar characters that are wanting to deliver you an important message.
  • There is this card in this deck that I’m familiar with. This card is called the Book of Shadows. In this card we have an opened book with writings in it. Next to the book is a white scull and behind the book there is a tall white candle. The message for this card is one that people should follow. This card tells that you are not paying too much attention to details and things in your life. Also, don’t let your life be an open book for everyone to read.
  • The next card that I found interesting is called the Labyrinth. This card just basically shows a labyrinth. This card represents two things. It could mean a journey into the physical or spiritual realm, or a journey into our subconscious mind. Pretty interesting.
  • The last card is one that is very familiar for a Witches (Wicca’s) alike. Tarot readers may also find it very familiar. This card is called the Magick Wand. In this card there is any image of a brown wand in front of a red background. The wand seems to have smoke coming out of it. This card is very favorable and it is telling you that you have the ability to achieve anything you desire.
  • The back of the cards are not reversible. The design for the cards consists of a red background which is very attractive. In the center of the cards, there is a black circle and inside this circle there is a “W”. Nice and simple in my opinion.
  • The texture of the cards are very sturdy. They are not ridged nor flimsy. They have a nicely done matted feel. The shuffling holds up very well. The size of the cards are approximately 3” x 5”.
  • The storage box for this cards is very nice and sturdy! The box holds itself with ribbons and the lid is magnetic. The cards rest inside the box and the companion booklet rests on top the cards.
  • The companion book for this oracle deck is so adorable and so nicely done! For a small booklet, it has 112 pages. It starts off with a “Dedication”, “Acknowledgments”, and then the “Contents”. After all of this, we see a lovely “Forward” written for Rev. Tim Shaw. Then we are introduce to a section in the book called, “About the Witch’s Oracle”. Then there is this interesting section in the book called, “The 3 C’s Clearing, Concentrating and Charging Your Deck”. Then provided for you are three spreads! The first one is called “To Spread or Not to Spread”, the second one is called, “The Witch Hat Spread”, the third one is called “The Witch’s Broom Spread”. Then after these helpful spread, you come across a section called “Working with Your Cards”. Finally, you jump into “The Card Meanings”. For each card, you will have the title of the card, the image and a small description on the left hand side, and on the right hand side, you will have the divinatory meaning and at the bottom of that, an “Incantation”. Also, the pages and images in the booklet are in color!
  • The illustrations are done by Aunia Kahn. The images are simple, yet alluring. By looking at the images, each one of them seems to call/attract the reader. They are also symbolic in many ways.
  • I’m not a Witch (or Wicca) so when I heard about this deck, it was somewhat new to me. There were many symbols and tools that Witches use and I’m familiar with because in my circle of friends I know many Witches/Wicca’s. What I like about this oracle deck, to me, in my opinion, it is simple and practical. The images are symbolic and stay true to the realm of Witches (Wicca) and the interpretations for each card relate to everyday life experiences. If you are one who practices witchcraft and are looking for a divinatory tool to add to your magical alter, I highly suggest and recommend this lovely oracle deck. To buy it, click here!

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The Bohemian Animal Tarot

Blending 15th century Tudor and Elizabethan-inspired costumes
styles with a classical late Baroque, Victorian and French theme
and a touch of Romany Gypsy, The Bohemiam Animal Tarot
is a Tarot set that has never been seen before.

~Quote from the back of the box


The Bohemian Animal Tarot

Title: The Bohemian Animal Tarot

Author: Scott Alexander King

Illustrator: Sharon McLeod

Publisher: Rockpool Publishing


  • Take a detour back in time with the animals from their kingdom….
  • The Bohemian Animal Tarot is a marvelously done tarot deck that features 80 cards. These animals have stood the test of time and they want you to heed what they have to say.
  • From this deck there are just too many beautiful cards to choose from, but I chose three. The first card that I was drawn to is called 11. Consequences (Justice). In this card there is a fortune teller and a fly who sit in a table with a red mantel inside a tent. Outside the tent there is a sign that stands on the floor and read “Webs of Destiny” (interesting market title if you ask me!) Inside the tent, a fly is getting a card reading by the fortune teller. What I find funny is that the ant holds one of the cards in her hand and looks at it (lol!) I personally would be annoyed if someone did that while I was giving a reading. In a reading, this card mainly represents that what goes around comes around. We must know and attain to the outcome of what we do.
  • The next card that I cringed when I saw it is the 9 of Air (Swords). This cards illustration is very similar to the R.W.’s 9 of Sword. Only in this card there is a gecko (no, not the same green gecko from the car insurance in American commercials, lol!) This gecko looks like it has woken up from a very bad dream. It has its hands over its face. There are nine swords that hang from the wall horizontally. Laying on its stomach is a tiny gecko. When I saw this, I said to myself, “if that creature crawls or something, it’s going to slice its belly open”. Maybe that is what the other gecko is worried about? When this card appears in a reading, it tells that there are many worries in your mind that are leaving you restless.
  • The last card that I found adorable, and it could be one of my favorite is the Page of Earth (Coins). Why could it be my favorite? Because it features a dog and I’m an avid dog lover! In this picture there is a King Charles Cavalier who stands in a grassy filed. He wears a long green robe with a red hat. In his hands, he holds a gold disk. This card represents a new investment in money or a new strategy on how to save money.
  • The back of the cards are not reversible. The art and colors for the back of the cards are simple, but pretty. The illustration for the back of cards is a fox, who appears in the 1. The High Priest known as the Magician card and a hare, who appears in the High Priestess card. They hold both of each others’ hands as if they are parting ways. I like to think that the fox resents the author of the book Scott Alexander King and the hare represents the illustrator Sharon McLeod. Such a nice sentiment.
  • The texture of the cards are beyond sturdy! They shuffle wonderful! They also have a nice semi-glossy coat. The size of the cards are little bit over 3 x 5. You get to see and spot such nice details within the art. Also, they have gilded edges!!!
  • The storage box for this cards is very nice and sturdy! The box closes with magnets. You have to pick up the flap on the right hand side and open it as if you were opening a book. In the center of the box, there is a compartment where the cards lay and the book goes on top of the cards.
  • The book is written by Scott Alexander King, and let me tell you that it is very well organized. The book contains a total of 240 pages and it contains too much information and some different point of views, but it does not depart and stays true to the R.W. interpretations. The book has a nice written “Preface” followed by an “Acknowledgments” page written by the author and illustrator. Then there’s the “Introduction” page there are several section where it briefly explains the author’s interpretation of “Animal Symbolism” and “Bohemia”. There’s also an explanation of “The Major Arcana” and a key that lists the animals that were used for each card. Then there’s an explanation of “The Minor Arcana” with a section called “The Four Directions and Their Corresponding Elemental Energies.” Then a section called “Interpreting the Minor Arcana” where it provides you with keywords regarding the numbers 1 to 10. For example, #4 means hard work. Then there’s another section called “The Bohemian Animal Tarot’s Minor Arcana” where you have a list of the animals that were used for the 56 cards. There’s a page called “Reading the Tarot” that provides two common and simple tarot spreads known as “Past, Present, and Future” and the “Celtic Cross”. After all of this, there’s a chapter called “The Bohemian Animal Tarot Cards: The Major Arcana” and “The Bohemian Animal Tarot Cards: The Minor Arcana.” Before I go any further. Keep in mind that the “Fool” or known in this tarot deck as “The Innocent” is going on a journey within the 22 cards in this deck. You will read about his journey in a section of all the major arcana cards, it will be titled “The Innocent’s Quest”. For each page and at the top and in the center of the book you have the title of card. Below that on the left hand side, there’s a picture of the card. On the right hand side of the picture you have a section called “The Animal Archetype” that explains background information and facts about each animal. The section below that is titled “Card Description” and it gives an in-depth interpretation of the meaning of the card. The next section is called “The Innocent’s Quest” which I already explained earlier. Then there are “Keywords” to memorize the meanings of the cards and then the last section is called “Divinatory Meaning” and all that is provided for you are a handful of keywords and phrases. For the Minor Arcana the same layout for the Major Arcana is provided, but there are small changes. For example, the “Keywords” are on top of “The Animal Archetype” section. Obviously there is no section of “The Innocent’s Journey”, so instead there’s a section called “The Numbered Cards” that gives a different interpretation and point of view of the numbers for the minors (1-10). After that, there’s a one page bio that explains who the creators.
  • The illustrations for the card done by hand and by Sharon McLeod. They appear to be a blend of color pencil (which I see and feel that it stays similar to the Universal Rider Wait Tarot) and with a touch of either chalks and/or pastels. Nonetheless, they are very warm, vibrant, profound and very smooth on the eyes.
  • I really have nothing to say about this tarot deck other than positive and good things. I mean, I love animals very much (though there are some that I will stay away or will not or cannot own as pets, lol). This deck feels too natural and a total of 80 animals (plus other background animal characters) are honored and paid a beautiful tribute in this tarot deck. I don’t know why I have a deeper connection and love with tarot decks that are based on animals. What’s even cute is that when I spread the cards on my table or floor and see each card, I feel like I’m at the zoo, (LOL)! What I liked about this deck is that the animals were not assigned to each suit according to their elements they are associated with. For example, an animal with wings would be thrown in the Sword pipes or an animal that swims they are tossed in the Cup pipes. This tarot deck stays true to the Rider Wait, but the author played it smart and renamed some of the majors and the titles of the suits. For the majors, the cards that were renamed are, the Fool, The Innocent. The Magician, the High Priest. The Empress, the Goddess. The Emperor, the God. The Hierophant, the Shaman. The Chariot, the Carousel. The Strength, the Warrior. The Hermit, the Bear. The Wheel of Fortune, the Wheel of Fate. Justice, Consequences. The Hanged Man, the Suspended Man. Temperance, Moderation. The World, the Earth Mother. The two bonus cards that make part of the deck are called the Universe and the Afterlife. The titles for the pipes have been changed to Pentacles, Earth. Cups, Water, Wands, Fire and Swords, Air. If you love animals as much as I do or if you are looking for a different tarot deck that stays true to the Rider Wait, this tarot deck is perfect for you! To buy, click here!

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