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First Light Tarot

Take your readings to new levels by
exploring the depths of the infinite self
while also reaching out into the comes…

~ Quote from the back of the box


Title: First Light Tarot

Author: Dinah Roseberry

Illustrator: NASA & ESA

Publisher: Schiffer Publishing

  • The First Light Tarot is a wonderful and inventive tarot deck that features 66 cards (yes, 66 cards). It is a new system that takes a whole new different approach, but somehow, someway, it remains influenced from the traditional tarot system.
  • The first card from the deck known as the fool has an interesting illustration. There is what seems to be some sort of space shuttle. This shuttle just stands in the middle of space, where everything is pitch dark. The shuttle is silver. I have a small theory as to why it was chosen to represent the fool. That shuttle is going into space, not know what it will find or encounter. It’s off to an adventure, a journey. The sub-title for this card is “voyager” (that’s self-explanatory). The three keywords attached to this card are, Journey, Progress and Pathways.
  • Another card that I found wired and interesting is called “Portal”. The illustration for this card is has what appears to be silver stars and matter all around the card. But in the center of the image and of all that silver matter, there is a small black hole. The keyword for this card is called “Passageways” Yep, that’s pretty obvious.
  • The last card is from a different division of the deck. This card and the division have to do with cards that are used for tarot spreads. The title of this card is called “Who May Hurt?” The illustration features black space, but there are matters that look as if there are flames in space. They look beautiful to me! Fire in space!
  • The back of the cards are reversible. The illustration for the back of the card consists of white/silver stars that are spread throughout the image.
  • The texture of the cards not so sturdy, nor are they flimsy, but they do shuffle decently. The cards are approximately a little under “4 x 6”.
  • The storage box for this cards is sturdy! It is one of Schiffer’s many popular storage boxes. A be-ribboned hard cover case that closes with magnates.
  • The text booklet is written by Dinah Roseberry (editor of Schiffer Publishing). The companion booklet features 96 pages. All pictures and text within the book are colored. The book starts off with “Acknowledgments”. Then with an “Author’s Note” section that gives a little bit of information about this tarot deck. Then with “This Deck’s First Light” that give a little bit of additional information. Then there is a section for “Spreads” where it gives the user tips on how to conduct spreads. Some of the card spreads don’t have names, which you will need to memorize how to lay them out. There are two spreads that are named, one of them is called ‘Spread Cards’ and the other is ‘A Universal Spread’. There are also pages dedicated for the following, “Meditation”, “The Images”, “The Reading Process”, “What You Can Expect from This Deck” and some information about a reference sheet that is included with this deck. This reference sheet is more like a sheet-cheat. Last, you are introduced to the cards and their meanings. In the pages that are dedicated the cards, you have the image of the card on the left hand side and at the bottom, there’s a block that gives the name of the card and the meaning. On the right hand side, you the description. For example, “Keywords”, Upright and Reversed meanings and Advice. On some of the major arcana, you will have the Astrological sign along with a time frame.
  • The illustrations are photographs borrowed from NASA to accommodate for this tarot deck. This are real photos and they are not altered in any way or form.
  • When I heard of this new tarot deck and its system, I must admit that I was very confused. I thought it was an oracle deck. But as I had the chance and time to use it, I was surprised just how well it works and functions like a tarot deck! There is even Astrology and Numerology featured in this tarot deck. I know that there are lots of readers who dislike the court cards, well guess what? You can now say goodbye to the court cards because they are not featured in this deck. For those who like NASA and space imagery, this tarot deck features 66 images of space. It also features keywords to make the meanings easy to remember. Don’t hesitate and buy this tarot deck here!


© 2010 – 2016 J. R. Rivera
Reproduction prohibited without written permission from the author.


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