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The Ring Cycle Tarot

The Ring of the Ribelung, which traces the mythic tale of a
golden ring of unlimited power plagued by a deadly curse,
loose in the world of the Old Norse and Germanic gods.

~Quote from the back of the box


Title: The Ring Cycle Tarot

Author: Richard Wagner and Allegra Printz

Illustrator: Arthur Rackham

Publisher: Schiffer Publishing

  • Here is a musical drama, waiting to unfold itself to you…
  • The Ring Cycle Tarot is a beautifully done tarot deck that features 78 cards. These card are not just any ordinary cards, each cards portrays and tells a story. You just have to listen to it.
  • From the deck, a card which I found very interesting and with a classic, yet new concept is the “Devil” card which bears the title “Ring of Power”. In this image there is redhead (or blond) maiden who is wearing a nice white gown. She is somewhere in the woods and is sitting on her keens. She is obsessively kissing a ring on her finger. In most traditional tarot decks, you usually see the devil himself in the cards, holding two people hostage. The devil card talks about being materialistic, which correlates with the image in this card. When this card appears in a reading, it signifies that you have the devil on your shoulder, convincing you to do things you shouldn’t do.
  • The next card that I found intriguing is the 5 of Walsungs (5 of Cups). This card is known as “Sieglinde Lost in the Snow”. In this card there is a redhead maiden who looks helpless about something that she witnessed or experienced. Her hair is a mess and her white dresses is even a bigger mess. She is crawling on the floor for safety. It appears that behind her, there is a black opening to a cave (or a portal). This card represents that you are in need of support from a situation which you cannot find a way out.
  • The last card which I thought was powerful was the Queen of Gods (known as the Queen of Wands). The image is just so powerful! Here he have a young woman who is throwing her arms up in the air. It appears that she is surrounded by flames, even her gown appears to entwine with the flames. She rides a horse who also entwines with the flames. Though, both of them are immune to the flames. It does not burn them, but empowers them. This card represents that there is a situation which is calling to you, you can be eccentric and take it on, but do it with moderation.
  • The back of the cards are reversible. The design is simple, yet classy. The background is blue, but there is a yellow mirrored image of a woman (possibly a Valkyrie).
  • The texture of the cards is very sturdy! They shuffle wonderful! They also have a nice mattered coat. The size of the cards are a bit larger in length (keep that in mind for those who have small hands. But don’t let it stop you, there are many ways to shuffle the cards). The large length of the cards favors and displays the art beautifully. You get to see and spot such nice details within the art.
  • The storage box for this cards is very nice and sturdy! The box holds itself with ribbons and the lid is magnetic. The cards rest in one slot on the right hand side and the book rests on left hand slot.
  • Before I begin to review the book, I did not know where to start!!! This book is crammed with such wonderful information. The book contains a total of 254 pages. The book starts with a nicely written “Preface and Introduction”. Then you come across Chapter 1 titled, “The Epic Background” (And yes, the title is self-explanatory.) In here you will sections called, “On My Card Choices”, “Circle of Ring Possession: Through the Epic”, “Laying Out The Cards”, “Plot Synopses of the Four-Part Ring of the Nibelung” and that section informs you about “The Valkyrie”, “Siegfried”, “Twilight of the Gods”. Then Chapter 2 begins and is called “The Cards and Divinatory Meanings”. Then you are provided with three card spreads that are called, “The 3 Norns Spread”, The Nibelung Smithing Spread, and the “Ring Magical Implement Spread”. Chapter 3 is called the “Appendices” where sources were gotten to create this tarot deck and book. It also provides you with very useful information in case you are not aware of the Richard Wagner and his Ring of the Nibelung.
  • The illustrations for the cards are adapted from illustrations by Arthur Rackham.
  • This tarot deck is one that I found very interesting, and to be honest, very unusual (and I mean that in a good way!) It is very uncommon to find tarot decks that are based on another source. I find decks like this very unique, because if you think about it, imagine all the information that the creator has to invest and investigate! What I like about the companion book is that it starts off like some musical play. You have sections that are introduced as “Scene1”, “Scene 2”. If you are familiar with The Ring of Nibelung or have an interest in musical theater, acquire this tarot deck by clicking here!


© 2010 – 2016 J. R. Rivera
Reproduction prohibited without written permission from the author.


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