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Chrysalis Tarot

…Chrysalis Tarot opens your psyche
and illuminates your path towards
personal destiny.

~Quote from the box





Title: Chrysalis Tarot

Author: Toney Brooks

Illustrator: Holley Sierra

Publisher: U.S. Games System


  • Let mother nature transform you, let yourself become transformed.
  • The Chrysalis Tarot features 78 beautifully drawn figures and characters, all which tell their story and who are ready to guide you while you transform in whatever it is that you’ve wanted to be. In this tarot deck you will find that the originally suit titles have been renamed. The Pentacles become Stones, The Swords become Scrolls, the Cups become Mirrors, and the Wands become Spirals. The Courts have characters or archetypes. For example, the Page of Wands becomes the Mime, the Queen of Cups becomes the Watcher, and the Queen of Wands becomes the Muse, and so fourth. The popular and legendary mythical characters are incorporated in the Major Arcana, for example, Gaia is the Empress, Kali is the Tower, and the Celtic Owl is the Hanged Man. This tarot deck follows the Rider Waite style closely, but please keep in mind that if you are first starting out to learn and read tarot, and you happen to acquire the Chrysalis Tarot, be sure to study the renamed suits as well as the Major and Minor arcana.
  • From the Major Arcana, The Devil card, which is known as Bella Rosa, is absolutely beautiful. In this card, we see a masked maiden who appears to be wearing a porcelain mask and is wearing a headdress that consists of feathers.We wears a Victorian or Renaissance dress and is holding a mirror in one hand and a red rose in the other hand. The devil card denotes detachment which explains why she is holding on tight to the mirror and rose, both are material things that denote vanity.
  • A card from the minor arcana which I found odd, yet comical is the 3 of Scrolls (Swords). Here we have a fox who is sniffing three scrolls which lay on the grassy ground and the fox has a tear running down its left eye. The 3 of Scrolls denotes about having your heart broken when revealing a lie or when you’ve been cheated. It seems that this fox is heart broken, that it needs to realize that it needs to learn loss, loss the hunt. Funny, because in the Lenormand deck, the fox denotes being a trickster, learning to trick people. Maybe this fox got its due (lol). 😉
  • This is a card which I find very familiar, is The Minstrel (King of Stones). Here stands a man, along with his black and white dog, his faithful companion, playing an instrument. The Minstrel is a man who has a vast amount of knowledge and is someone who is there for you for the good times and the bad times. He may also be a man of wealth who makes a terrific financial adviser. Of course, the King of Pentacles denotes a wealthy man and it can also tell you to learn how to invest your money so you can prosper. Aside from this, here’s a background trivia regarding the The Minstrel. The man in this card is the author of this tarot deck, Toney Brook and the dog illustrated in the card is his pet. How about that!? 😀
  • The size of the cards is approximately 5 1/2  inches in height x 3 1/2  inches in width. The card stock quality is fantastic and very durable. They have an absolute glossy and matted touch to them, The print transfer is fantastic as well.
  • The box in which the cards come in is decent and does hold the cards well.
  • The little white book, which is written by Toney Brooks, contains 60 pages and it has good enough information that explains what the cards mean as well as a background story of the characters in the cards. Though, rumor has it that there is a companion book in developing for this tarot deck.
  • The artwork is done by the fantastic Holley Sierra who has made these images so very warm and yet very lucid.
  • This is by far a tarot deck which has captivated so many tarot readers and takes on a whole new and different experience. Each card tells you a fantastic story and encourage you to change and to transform into the butterfly that you are. If you are interested int his tarot deck, take a chance on it by clicking here to see what it’s about.


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