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Under the Rose Lenormand


Discover the buried secrets in Under the Rose

~Quote from the box


Title: Under the Rose Lenormand

Author: Kendra Hurteau

Illustrator: Katrina Hill

Publisher: U.S. Games System

  • Pick that rose up and discover what lays at the bottom, careful with the thorn…
  • The Under the Rose Lenormand features 39 cards (traditionally, the Lenormand features 36 cards, but Kendra Hurteau added 3 extra cards. For example, you’ll get an extra child, woman, and man cards.) Looking at the cards from the Under the Rose Lenormand, I saw there are for example, The Heart becomes the Locket, The Book becomes the Journal, The Coffin becomes the Grave, and the Scythe becomes the Sickle, and the Tower becomes the Clock Tower.
  • In the Locket (Heart) card, you’ll see a golden heart shaped locket with the two roses engraved in the right hand side of the locket which lays on the white table and behind the table, you can read words such as Joy, Cherishing, Tenderness and so forth. The Locket (heart) card denotes love, romance, and forever lovers!
  • One card that caught my attention is the Grave (Coffin) card. Here we have a tomb stone that sits on the ground with the letters R.I.P. engraved on it. There are what appears to be three black roses on the left hand side of the tomb stone and two stones in front of the tomb stone. A lantern which hangs from a pole illuminates the tomb stone and a woman in black (a widow?) seen with a red umbrella stands in front of the tomb stone. This is similar to the death card in the tarot. It tells about things coming to an end and entering transition.
  • The last card which intrigued me was the Whip card! Here we have a red headed woman dressed in what appears to be a green corset with a brown skirt who holds a crop ever so seductively. Like the 5 of Wands, the whip card can denote things like conflicts and battles or physical fitness.
  • The back of the cards are not reversible and the illustration used for the back of the cards is a red rose (hence the title of the deck…)
  • The size of the cards are 2 1/2″ in height and 1 3/4″ weight. Much like bridge playing cards.
  • The cards are absolutely sturdy, flexible, non-glossy and easy to shuffle.
  • The box in which these cards come in a U.S. Games tuck box.
  • The Little White Book is written by the ever so lovely Kendra Hurteau (founder and administrator of the Tarot and Oracle Card Deck Collectors on Facebook).
  • The illustrations are done by Katrina Hill who made these illustrations very traditional to that of the Lenormand and with a touch of class. The artwork for these illustrations is CGI (computer generated).
  • I remember when the Under the Rose Lenormand was self-published, its popularity caught like wild fire and became a classic! There have been some changes from the Mass Market and Self-Published edition. The self published edition had Keywords written at the bottom of the cards, underneath the title of the cards. Nonetheless, this is a fantastic Lenormand deck. It has such a warm feeling and it’s one of those decks which speak to your heart (which the way Kendra and Katrina intended for it to do so). Acquire this beautiful and cute Lenormand deck by clicking here!


© 2010 – 2015 J. R. Rivera
Reproduction prohibited without written permission from the author.


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