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From ancient times, storytelling has
been an engaging method to impart ageless
wisdom through underlying meanings
and morals of treasured tales.

~Quote from the box


Title: The Chronicles of Destiny Fortune Cards

Author: Josephine Ellershaw and Emily Ellershaw

Illustrator: Claudia McKinney

Publisher: Schiffer Publishing

  • Flip the pages form the book of Destiny, let it show you what your future awaits.
  • The Chronicles of Destiny Fortune Cards features 60 lavish and illuminating illustrated cards. Each card features a character with a story behind it. These characters may appear menacing or tranquil. Others may appear like characters within a dream or out of your imagination.
  • One of the cards that I was fascinated by when I saw it was card number 31. The Dream catcher. Here sits an Indian woman who gives her back to use, but has her head turned to her left side, as if she’s looking at something. In front of her is a huge and round dream catcher tied to a leather strap from who knows where (a tree maybe?). She wears a skirt made of peacock and has a tattoo on her back that consists of flowers and the face of a woman (her ancestor or mother nature?). The meaning of this card is to take physical or spiritual protection from bad influences that surround you. Be careful with whom you deal with and whom you let into your circle of friends.
  • One card I just liked so much because of its dark and Goth-like nature is 21. The Baroness. Here stands a pale skin and silver hair woman who wears a black mascaraed mask and a long silk black dress and holds a silk Chinese hand fan. Rose petals appear to rain down and surround her. This card comes as a warning and tells you that there is a hidden enemy lurking behind your shadows.
  • The last that’s quite interesting is 60. Heroin II. In this card there’s a young woman that stands in front of us. She holds a silver sword pointing to the ground and wears a black dress with a red hood over her (a mature little red ridding hood much?). This card is an alternative version of the woman card that can be used to denote a 2nd or 3rd party person. It can also be used for same sex couples.
  • The back designs are not reversible and consist of one main color that’s a blend of silver and blue.
  • The character assigned for the back of the card is the face of an Aztec woman.
  • The sizes of the cards are approximately 4 ½ x 2 ¾ inches. They have an absolute matted and glossy feel, preventing the cards from sticking to one another and have a very gentle and soft feel.
  • The cards are very sturdy enough to shuffle gently. They are flexible, and fit well in any size of hands and won’t be much of a problem shuffling them. Also, the edges of the cards are gilded!
  • The box where the cards are stored is a two-piece box, bottom and lid, which is very sturdy and stores the card and booklet absolutely well. The format of the box is that of a book and may be confused for an actual book for an un-vigilant eye.
  • The companion book for this oracle deck is written by, Josephine Ellershaw and Emily Ellershaw (a mother-daughter collaboration). The companion book is the size of a square and is a perfect fit and can be carried anywhere. The cover of the book is green and has an illustration of a leather strap that ties and closes the book. Though the book appears to be small, it is packed with 175 pages. In this book you will find an Introduction, How to use this set, and a Prologue. Then you will come to the Meanings of the 60 cards. For the meaning of the cards in each page, in the left hand side, you will find the picture of the card and below it, a small box that has the keywords for the cards. In the right hand side, you will find a small story for the card and below it, the meaning of the cards. After reading the meanings of the cards, you will find several ways to read the cards.
  • The artwork is done by, Claudia McKinney (daughter of Mexican-American film and recording artist Alberto Vazquez). The artwork is done by photo manipulations that are done very tastefully and diligently. The art in the cards stand out, making the colors look vibrant and radiant.
  • This is a fantastic oracle and one that will be an all time favorite. The production, design, and presentation that’s done by Schiffer publishing never fails. It shows that Josephine, Emily, and Claudia dedicated their soul, effort, and vitality to create this magnificent oracle deck. These cards are fantastic and idealist to story and fortune telling. I’m taken by the companion book as to how easy it is to read and follow for anyone of any age. If you are looking for a modern oracle deck, don’t hesitate and get copy for yourself by clicking here.

© 2010 – 2015 J. R. Rivera
Reproduction prohibited without written permission from the author.


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