Cartomancy Reviews.

Kabbalistic Vision Tarot

78 beautiful tarot cards are widely analyzed showing the
past, present, future, obstacles, final results, and
other important divinations symbols
to help the reader understand particle solutions
to their everyday questions and situations.

~Quote from the box


Title: Kabbalistic Vision: The Marini-Scapini Tarot

Author: Marco Marini

Illustrator: Luigi Scapini

Publisher: Schiffer Publishing

  • Be susceptible to know how the universe work and what to receive from it.
  • The Kabbalistic Vision Tarot contains 78 outwardly and radical illustrated cards. The characters in the cards portray (act out) the soulful meaning of the card. They portray our everyday life activities and duties on a profound and mysterious way that most of us may understand.
  • Out of the deck, there is one card that I found oddly fascinating and interesting. This card is The Hermit. Illustrated in this card are the abdominal organs that are the stomach, liver, large and small intestines, pancreas, and gall bladder. On the left hand side, there is a candle that’s burning and on the right side, there is a red rose. At the bottom of the large intestine, there appears to be brasses burning. When this card appears in a reading, it is tell that anything and everything that is done will be in vain.
  • In the Knight of Swords, there’s a knight dressed in his armor who stands in front of a mirror and his reflection is a nude male. He stands on top of a rug that appears to have a woman under it. This card is not a very positive one. It foretells that there will be difficult and intense situations, but they will last a short period of time.
  • The Five of Wands is a comical card. There, it illustrates a young girl kicking a young boy in the buttocks. The young boy is on the ground crying. A crow that stands on a tree branch appears to be laughing at the boy. This card represents fear, anxiety and defeat.
  • The back designs are reversible and consist of what appears to be monuments of scared sites in the world. They are illustrated in different colors; these colors connect with the chakaras.
  • The sizes of the cards are approximately 2 ½ x 4 ¾ inches. They have an absolute matted and glossy feel, preventing the cards from sticking to one another and have a very gentle and soft feel.
  • The cards are very sturdy enough to shuffle gently. They are flexible and non-ridged. The high of the cards is a bit longer, so for those with small hands, I’m sure there’s a different way that you can shuffle the cards. Oh, and the edges of the cards are Pewter which add a lovely detail with the dark border around the cards.
  • The box where the cards are stored is a rectangle be-ribbon two-piece box that is very sturdy and stores the card and book well.
  • The companion book for this tarot deck is written by Kabbala expert, Marco Marini who has appeared as a guest in many Italian television programs where he speaks about Kabbala. The companion book is written in fashion where the reader can understand the meaning of Kabbala and the meaning of the cards. The book starts of with the following chapters and pages. First we have the Introduction, then a diagram and chart of the Kabbala cycle. Then, there’s a section in the book called, The Tree of Life and Its Structures. This section explains the meaning of the following, Kether (Crown), Chokmah (Wisdom), Binah (Understanding), Chased (Mercy), Geburah (Severity), Tiphareth (Beauty), Netzach (Victory), Hod (Glory), Yesdo (Foundation), Malkuth (Reign), and The Four Worlds of the Kabbalists. After this section, we have the following called The Three Ways that explain what we humans posses within us and what makes us unique. These three ways are The Way of the Spirit, The Way of the Soul, and The Way of the Body. Next we have The Letters of the Torah that explains the following, The Three Mother Letters, The Seven Double Letters, and The Twelve Simple Letters. And last but not least, we reach familiar ground which are the meanings of the Major Arcana, Courts, and Suites. In the end there’s a chapter called Tarot Reading System that consist of tarot spreads.
  •  The artwork is done by Italian painter, Luigi Scapini, who has illustrated 15 tarot decks. The medium for these artwork is appears to be a mixture of oils and pastels.
  • This is by far one of the longest time consuming reviews that I have ever done! Not because I was procrastinating, but because there is so much to learn and understand about Kabbala and this tarot deck! I’ve never seen or heard of a tarot deck that incorporated and entwined with Kabbala, this is a first for me. This tarot deck takes you on a fantastic journey of what you will learn and discover. What I liked was that the meaning of the cards does not follow any classical tarot system. Maybe one or a few cards may share a similar meaning any of the tarot systems. As a bonus, or simple a complimentary gift, included in the box is a folded chart that illustrates the diagram of the Kabbala tree! If you are a Kabbala expert or simply wanting to wet your feet into Kabbala, acquire this tarot deck.

© 2010 – 2015 J. R. Rivera
Reproduction prohibited without written permission from the author.


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