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with fun, delightful approach.

~Quote from the back of the box


Title: Healing Light and Angel Cards

Author: Saleire

Illustrator: Saleire

Publisher: Schiffer Publishing

  • Let your angels help you enhance your Chakras.
  • The Healing Light and Angels cards features 42 cards that have a story and a message to say to you so you can improve your spirit to a better and healthier state of being.
  • The illustration for the Cleans-Renew card caught my attention because of the faceless being that stands in the center of the image facing us. It holds its hands up, as there is light running down from its wrists. In the center of its throat, there is a white light. This card speaks about having to remove all that is not useful. Anything that hinders you needs to go.
  • The second illustration for the Peace-Meditate card is very captivating. Here we have a swan that stands in the middle of a lake, looking down at the water. On its bottom left hand side, there seems to be an oddly shaped thing going on (?) It appears to be two conjoint hands or the tail of a mermaid. This card tells that it is time to find peace (mental or physical) and recuperate after wearing yourself out.
  • The last illustration on the Garnet card is simple, yet very nice to look at. In the middle of the image is a red heart shaped garnet stone. There are three white lights beaming off of it, as if a source of light has hit it. This heart stands in front of the blue background at appears to be water. This card tells you that you’ve bee knocked down and it is time for you to recharge and move forward.
  • The design for the back of the cards is very beautiful to say the least. The illustration features the right side of an angels white wing in front of a rainbow. On the top left side of the image is a white light showing down on it. Very beautiful!
  • The cards are study and hold up well for shuffling. They are approximately 4 ½ x 2 ¾ inches. The cards are divided into seven groups and each group contains 7 cards. The groups are all followed. Chakra, Action, Color, Animal, Crystal and Angel cards. The cards are not numbered nor do they have borders.
  • The card deck and booklet comes in an original Schiffer packaging box. The lid and bottom have two purple ribbons that hold it together. The cards are stored in a small compartment in the center of the box. The book lies on top of the cards.
  • The small companion book is written by Saleire and features 96 pages. The companion guide booklet is not difficult to understand and has all that you need to know lined up neatly. For example, you will find the Introduction, and then the meaning of the cards. Chapter one will explain about the Chakras and what they can do for you. Chapter two to seven will explain what the cards mean in enough detail. At the end, there will be one layout that involves six cards along with an explanation on how to read the spread.
  • The illustrations for the cards are done by Saleire and are made through computer generated art, which in my opinion are very nice to look at.
  • This oracle deck is pretty cool to work with it and easy to understand. I was surprised how this oracle deck is not just about angels featured in every card like Doreen Virtues. Instead, it is combined and supplemented by different things like Chakaras and Animals. Very neat! For those of you who know Saleire, she has several other tarot and oracle decks released by Schiffer and for sell on Game Crafter. If you want an oracle deck that is easy to work with, get a copy of this oracle deck by clicking here!

 © 2010 – 2015 J. R. Rivera
Reproduction prohibited without written permission from the author.


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