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Justice League Tarot

Title: Justice League Tarot

Author: N/A

Illustrator: Sara Richard

Publisher: DC Collectibles


  • These superheroes and villains are here to give you important messages….
  • The Justice League Tarot features 78 wonderfully illustrated tarot cards. In these cards, there are both good and bad guys and girls who want to speak with you.
  • After going through the deck the first card I pulled aside was The Emperor. Why? Well here is why. The Emperor is not my favorite card, but my favorite superhero was incorporated in the emperor card. Who is my superhero? Aqua Man! Why is he in the emperor card? Because he protects and governs the sea and is able to communicate telepathically with sea animals who can be his allies when fighting the forces of evil. I’ve always liked Aqua Man because he can swim countless hours and days in water and at a fast rate. And he does not need oxygen. But like seal or a lion dog (lol) he can also survive on land. I’ve always loved water and I like mermaids, so Aqua Man is the closes thing to a male mermaid.
  • The next card that many tarot readers will find interesting is the 2 of Swords. Here’s a superhero (I do not know who she is) who is a tarot reader. She has her eyes closed and laid out in her table, in front of her, are three tarot (or oracle) cards. Very interesting.
  • The last card is the Page of Swords and the character that was used for this card is Robin (Batman’s side-kick). He is on top of rail in a skyscraper and he looks upset, very mysterious with a vigilant eye. Behind him is that light that they shine when they need Batman’s help.
  • The back of the cards are reversible. The design for the cards consists a different shades color blue. There are to circles on is on the lower left hand side and the other one is on the upper left hand side. It is basically a mirrored image.
  • The texture of the cards are very sturdy. They are not ridged nor flimsy. They have a matted feel. The shuffling holds up very well. The size of the cards are approximately 3” x 5”.
  • The storage box for this cards is sturdy! The box has a lid that you have to pull with your fingers in order to access the cards. The cards are stored inside a compartment in the center of the box and a black velvet-like bag rests on top of the cards.
  • Unfortunately there is no companion book or little white book that accompanies this deck.
  • The illustrations are done by Sara Richards. The illustration are done by hand and by color pencils.
  • When I heard of this tarot deck, I just had to have it! And thanks to a friend of mine by the name of Sammy, he gifted it to me as a Christmas present! To me, this deck is precious and I see it as the 6 of Pentacles because it beings me many childhood memories. When my siblings and I were young, we would stay up to watch reruns of the Justice League cartoon. Our toys were the justice league action figures and so were our clothes. So owning this tarot deck and going through the cards, I get a flood of memories. Even the characters that my siblings were a fan of are featured in this tarot deck. On a side note, as I mentioned earlier about lacking a guidebook, don’t let that discourage you from owning this tarot deck. But let me give you some tips that may help. If you are a seasoned tarot reader then you can do without a manual, but if you are starting off, you will need another book that provides the meanings of the cards. Or to save you money, there like billions of internet sources and YouTube videos that can help you learn the meanings. Now, I know that the lack of a manual for this tarot deck will makes it difficult to know who the characters are in each card. But there’s some hope. On your free time, you can visit this website and there you will find a LONG list of D.C. characters. You can also read their biography and background story. This will help you create a connection to this tarot deck. For a lack of companion book, there is a black velvet like tarot bag to store your cards in and carry with you. To buy this tarot deck, click here!

© 2010 – 2016 J. R. Rivera
Reproduction prohibited without written permission from the author.


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