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Inner Realms Tarot

Let the Spirit move you,
the cards guide you and
your heart delivers the message.

~ Quote from the box




Title: Inner Realms Tarot

Author: Saleire

Illustrator: Saleire

Publisher: Schiffer Publishing

  • All the answers you are waiting for are waiting within your inner realms.
  • The Inner Realms Tarot features 78 computer art generated consisting of radical patterns which are illustrated in each card.  The majors  and courts are illustrated with odd shapes and patterns, while the pipes are illustrated with their assigned symbol, Coins, Wands, Swords, and Cups. Each card has a maximum of 4-6 key words printed in in each card, so each keyword and shaped or patterns will help ignite your intuition.
  • Out of the Major Arcana, a card which I found absolutely artistic in every possible way was the Hermit card. In this card, the Hermit shows his eyes to us, looking at us. He appears to be hiding or at least becoming entwined within a tree.  The leaves or branches that emerge out of his head are of different colors and blend together, producing a sweet and steady energy of colors. On the ground, there appears to be orange spots that become swirls. This image is explainable which is why it entices me to see and mediate on it more often. Keywords which are associated with this card are, Wisdom, Solitude, Humility, Seeking, and Detachment.
  • The 10 of Cups illustrates ten golden cups which stand close together, like a happy family who loves each other and are indeed emotionally content with one another.  Each cup has what appears to be a white or silver glowing star. The keywords assigned for this card are, Family, Delight, Serenity, and Fortune.
  • This cars strikes my fancy because of the way it was illustrated and the way the illustrations interprets it, is the Knight of Swords. In this card there is a pewter shield that stands behind a blue and silver stripped sword. A lightening bolt comes in between the shield and sword. At the bottom of the shield and sword, there are four silver stars that stand and glow. The sword is plunged into what appears to be a white lotus flower. It is known that the Knight of Swords is full of energy and it ready to take charge and fight when asked to. The keywords assigned for this card are, Logical, Outspoken, Direct, and Incisive.
  • The back designs are reversible and are illustrated with what appears to be a patter of swirling circles that if you look closely, they form an S (the name of the illustrator and author of this tarot deck is called Saleire). This circles form a border and another border inside that outer border. On the upper left hand side and downer left hand side, the circles form what seems to be a clover.
  • The size of the cards are approximately 3 by 5 inches. The card stock quality is fantastic and very durable. They have a slight matted touch to them. They are not ridged or flimsy.
  • The cards are sturdy enough and shuffle gently. They are flexible and if you have small hands, it should not be a problem for you to shuffle the cards.
  • The box in which the cards come in is sturdy and holds the cards and booklet absolutely well. The box has a magnetic lid which prevents the box from opening and two white ribbons hold the lid and bottom  together.
  • The companion booklet included with the cards is written by Saleire, contains 128 pages that features a one page introduction that briefly explains how to let your Spirit guide you. Then the companion book starts with the 1st cheaper titled “You’re the boss” which the author tells her experience in using the tarot deck, a few tips on how to focus on your readings, and how to care for your cards. Then the 2nd chapter provides three popular spreads which are the Past, Present, Future, then the Horseshoes Spread, and Celtic Cross Spread. Chapter 3 elaborates and breaks down the difference between the Major and Minor Arcanas. And after chapter 3, you jump right into the explanation and interpretation for each card which consists of a very short and well explained meaning, and below the interpretation, you will find a small box called Impressions where you will write any other alternative meanings you have of that certain card.
  • The artwork is done by Saleire. The medium for the art is CGI (computer generated imagery).
  • This is tarot deck is interesting and impressive. This tarot deck is also fantastic for someone who wants to learn to read tarot cards. As I explained, the keywords for each card are printed on the cards, making it easy to remember the meaning for each card. The book gives a simple, yet very well written small paragraph about what each card means. If you are looking to start off with a nice and simple way of learning to read the tarot, you may want to start with this tarot deck, so click here!


© 2010 – 2015 J. R. Rivera
Reproduction prohibited without written permission from the author.


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