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Resonance Oracle

Find answers for all your deepest
questions including the
emotional, mental, and spiritual guidance
allowing you to find your own path of
joy, peace, balance, and wisdom.

~Quote from the box


Title: Resonance Oracle Cards

Author: Dara Caplan

Illustrator: Dara Caplan

Publisher: Schiffer Publishing

  • Come and take a dive deep within the synchronous vibration of the universe.
  • The Resonance Oracle Cards illustrates 40 mystical cards with a touch of noir and a blend of joy and melancholy. Each card is a message from the Laws of Attraction. Each card that is drawn, gives a glimpse or a message on what you should do and what you should take into consideration. The message on the cards establishes a path for you to understand your present time and to reflect on your past to better your future.
  • A card that I found amusing is the card titled “Inner Cry” which illustrates a woman who appears to be jumping or dancing on hot burning charcoals. When somebody experiences an Inner Cry, it denotes that a person is or has been withholding pain and frustration from inside of them. This eventually has to stop and one must face their problems head on. Everybody goes through pain and some are smart to let it out and others fail to release it.
  • A beautiful, yet mythical card that caught my attention was the “Sun & Moon” card that illustrates a man, who represents the sun, and a woman, who represents the moon. This card speaks about masculine and feminine balance, two aspects that created us. This card talks about maintain balance with polarities. One person can’t pick or live with one thing only, they need both of some thing to remain complete.
  • One of my favorite cards is the card titled “Mirror of the Self” which means our reflection, what we project and what we may or may not see within ourselves. This card denotes that a person should see both aspects of themselves, the interior and exterior. A wonderful meaning that this card represents is to look closely at what we project to others and what others project to use.
  • The back designs are not reversible and are a tad mystic and nature oriented. The back of the cards illustrates a hazel nut, a red and blue berry and a feather.
  • The size of the cards is approximately 3 1/2″ inches in height x 5″ inches in width. They have an absolute matted touch and are very gentle and soft.
  • The cards are very sturdy enough to shuffle. They are flexible and if you have small hands, it should not be a problem for you to shuffle the cards.
  • The box in which the cards comes in is very sturdy and holds the cards absolutely well. The box is a magnetic box with ribbons that hold the flap and the box.
  • The small companion booklet included with the cards that’s written by Dara Caplan, contains 96 pages that includes the name of the name of the card, an interpretation of the card, a picture of the card, and key points giving an alternative meaning.
  • The artwork is done by Dara Caplan. The medium for the art appears to have been done with water colors with a touch of markers that have been painted canvas. The art is very friendly, yet very warm. The images along with the medium of art are inviting.
  • Over all, I’m taken with the creativity of how the cards layout in this deck. All the cards are landscape (meaning that the card size and image are horizontal). Nonetheless, this oracle deck is lovely and requires nothing more than your understanding to be able to understand and read these cards. In my point of view, this cards play out the experiences that somebody has lived through. To get acquainted with this oracle deck, click here!


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