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Carry Me Crystals

What if you don’t have access to the crystals you
wanted to work with? Through the power of intention
and the creative use of thoughts and words…

~ Quote from the back of the box



Title: Carry Me Crystals
Chakra Clearing and Oracle Deck

Author: Joanie Eisinger, Elizabeth Jarvis and Peter Jarvis

Illustrator: Joanie Eisinger, Elizabeth Jarvis and Peter Jarvis

Publisher: Schiffer Publishing


  • The Carry Me Crystal is a cute bundle that includes 44 beautiful and colorful cards. Each card features a picture of a precious stone and precious metal. They are all so colorful and lively.
  • In the first card that I was drawn to was “Gold”. I’ve always liked gold, not just because of it’s value, but because of the color and shine. Gold is very scared and it was a mental that many people would admire and fight over centuries ago. When this card is drawn, it is telling you to improve your sight, let love for other things and people be paramount.
  • The second card that people find appealing and beautiful is “Amethyst”. I’ve always had a liking for this stone. I like the way it looks and how its purple color emanates such peace and tranquility. When this card is drawn, it tells you to welcome light and energy. Once it shines through you, it will open your crown chakra. Also, use this stone or card to re-energies you when you are feeling down or sad.
  • The last card that I was immediately drawn to is the “Garnet” card. This card/stone is special to me because it is my birthstone. When this card is drawn, it lets you know that your wounds (physical, mental or emotional) will be healed. Whenever someone has hurt you, because to forgive, forgiveness will heal you in all the right ways.
  • The back of the cards is not reversible. Instead, you will have the title of the card and the divinatory meaning written in the center of the card.
  • The texture of the cards is sturdy and shuffle well. The edges of the cards are gilded. They are approximately a little over “3 X 2”, (a bit smaller than poker cards)
  • The cards are stored in a beribboned magnetic box.
  • The text booklet is written by Joanie Eisinger, Elizabeth Jarvis and Peter Jarvis. The begins with a “Preface” and an “Authors’ Message”. Then you will be provided with two pages for each cards. On the upper left hand side there will be the name of the stone and below it, the chakra that it is affiliated with. Then you will have lengthy paragraph that explains the meaning and how it can aid you.
  • The illustrations may or may not have been done by the creators/authors of this project. Nonetheless, the pictures are very nice and visually attractive to look at. Each stone is photographed by a professional camera and sits in the middle of the image and white a white background. I’ve never seen such beautiful display of stones before.
  • I found this oracle deck to be very cute and accessible. When I saw the size of the box, I thought the cards were going to be a bit larger, but upon opening the box and retrieving the book, I saw the size of the cards and smiled. Then I went to explore the book and was surprised by how much information was provided for the cards/stones. This is a fantastic addition to those who work with stone for divination or for healing purposes. Or simply for stone lovers. If you want to own this oracle deck, click here!


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