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Tarot Apokalypsis

Immerse yourself in the secrets of the Tarot
through the mystery religions, ancient cultures and
mystical practices of the world.

~ Quote from the back of the box


Title: Tarot Apokalypsis

Author: Kim Huggens

Illustrator: Erik C. Dunne

Publisher: Lo Scarabro/Llewellyn


  • The Tarot Apokalypsis is a marvelous tarot deck that includes 78 plus 1 bonus card where the art and tradition of the tarot takes it to a new artistic point of view. This tarot deck is what could be called a sequel to the previous Tarot Illuminati. Erik follows a similar outline where he places different cultures/races into the major arcana and pipes, respectably that is. The majors introduce you to ancient religions and cults that are no long or still practiced. In the minor arcanas, the Wands features people from ancient Egypt, Swords features people Scandinavian Vikings, Cups features Greco-Roman and Pentacles features people from Cambodia. The courts (Kings, Queens, Knights and Pages) features deities from those cultures.
  • Going through the cards, the illustrations are just beautiful, but there are too many cards to choose from, but one caught my attention right from the start. That card is the Devil card. The Devil card features The Imagined Cult of the Witches’ Sabbat. Here we have what appears to be a horned deity/creature with a group of nude women dancing and feasting around him.
  • The second card is the 3 of Swords. This card dose not feature people or animals, but it does feature flowers. In this image there are three white roses that stand in the center of the image. Above them, there are three swords that point down below them. Blood from the swords flows on top of the white roses, and from the roses, down to the snow. Very symbolic!
  • The last card that I found quit stunning is the Princess of Cups. In this card the Goddess Psyche is featured. Here she stands on top of what appears to be a lake and admiring a group of butterflies while holding two candles. Below and in front of her is a golden cup that sits on top of the lake, too.
  • The back of the cards is reversible. The imagery used for the backs are jewels. The jewels are gold, emerald and sapphire stones. Behind is what appearing to be red cosmic skies.
  • The texture of the cards is sturdy and shuffle well. Sadly, the edges of the cards are not gilded. If they were, it would have made a lovely addition and detail. The cards are approximately a little over “4 X 5”.
  • The cards, along with the book are stored in the hard and sturdy box.
  • The companion text booklet includes a total of 464 pages! That is a lot of information. This book is written by award winning British author Kim Huggens (who also wrote the companion book to the Tarot Illuminati. The book starts off with a lovely forward written by DonnaLeigh De LaRose. It then gives you an Introduction where you will find information such as About the Tarot, The Tarot Apokalypsis and Revelation and a clarification titled “A note on the word “cult”. Then there is Using Tarot and this provides the following, The Tarot Toolbox: Symbolism, How to Read a Tarot Card, How to Read a Tarot Spread, Finding the Keys-Approaching a Spread which will give clarifications on Types of Cards, Suits, Numbers, Gender, Colour, The Individual Cards. After that, you are provided with five card spreads. This card spreads are, Unveiling a Situation, Mithraic Initiation, Revelation of the Four Suits, Demeter’s four Seasons and Hekate Triformis Spread for Choices and Options. And then comes the meanings for each card that starts off with an extensive quote as if the characters in the cards or the author is speaking to you. The detailed History of the images is included with a short upright and reversed meaning.
  • The illustrations are done by international award winning American artist Erik C. Dunne. Erik’s art can’t do any wrong. He illustrated all 79 cards. The medium used for the illustrations is a blend of hand drawings and CGI.
  • I’m thrilled to own this lovely gift from Erik. When I saw the development of it, I had to have it one way or another. I do own the Tarot Illuminati (which is a wonderful deck), but I’m in love with this new deck. Some may have called it a sequel, while Erik call it the Tarot Illuminati’s sister deck. When it comes to the art, I just love how beautifully and coordinated the illustrations are. The art is not busy, and it is soft and gentle and blend in so perfectly. They are just so easy on the eyes. The art soothes your imagination and psych. It is as if it can take you into the art and live what those characters are living. As for the book, I’m in love with the companion book. It includes so much information that makes you understand the cards well. The book dose includes upright and reversed meanings for the cards, but they are too short. I wish they could have been longer, rather than phrases and keywords. But the information that explains the history of the images in each card makes up for it. Do not hesitate to own a copy of this deck. You will not regret it. To buy your copy, click here.

© 2010 – 2016 J. R. Rivera
Reproduction prohibited without written permission from the author.


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