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Les Vampires Oracle

A stunning deck designed for those facing difficult
decisions, upheaval in relationships or wishing
to move away from draining careers, situations or people.

~Quote from the box


Title: Les Vampires

Author: Lucy Cavendish

Illustrator: Jasmine Becket-Griffith

Publisher: Blue Angel Publishing/U.S. Games Inc./Llywellyn


  • The creatures of the night want to guide you. Fear them not, they won’t bite…
  • Les Vampire oracle deck feature 44 fantastic and beautifully illustrated cards done by renowned illustrator Jasmine Becket-Griffith. Each card features a vampire, or better known as a creature of the night. Though, they may look intimidating and cunning, they are actually friendly and want to teach you their very own lessons to survive difficult times. Besides Vampires illustrated on the cards, you will also find wolf, birds, butterflies, and cats which are included in this oracle deck, making every card remarkably beautiful.
  • Here’s a card that I feel in love with. It’s called “Death Rites”. In this card there is an angel of death who holds this oddly skeletal creature who seems to be dead, but yet reanimated. This card talks about learning to say goodbye to someone who has passed away. Even though the person may be gone, accepting and coming to terms with their passing is about the highest honor anyone could ever give to them.
  • A card which I found absolutely funny (which I’m sure the meaning of this card is not so funny) is the “Burnt by the Sun” card. In this card there is a cute little maiden with a grouchy, yet melancholic expression on her face. Her wolf friend seems to be exhausted. This card talks about when someone wears themselves out by doing so many things at once. They can never rest because they feel like they are running out of time.
  • The last card that caught my attention and looked very familiar as if I’ve seen this character in a movie is the “Maenad” card. In this card we see a red headed maiden or nymph indiscreetly “trying” to hide behind some poison ivy’s. The red hair and green poison ivy reminded me of the fictional character Poison Ivy from the Bat Man series. As some of you may not know, Maenads are the feminine priestess of the Greek God Dionysus. When this card is drawn, it’s telling you that it’s alright to engage in pleasures that make you feel good and complete.
  • The back designs are not reversible and consist of one primary brown color. In the center of card, in an oval shaped circle, includes the character used in the “The Past a Prison” card.
  • The size of the cards are approximately 5 ½ x 3 ¾ inches. They have an absolute matted and glossy feel, preventing the cards from sticking to one another and have a very gentle and soft feel.
  • The cards are very sturdy enough and shuffles gently. They are flexible, and even if you have small hands, there will not be much of a problem shuffling them.
  • The box where the cards are stored is a two piece, bottom and lid, that is very sturdy and stores the card and booklet absolutely well.
  • The companion booklet is written by the wonderful Lucy Cavendish and contains 164 pages that includes a small picture of the card, the title of the card, keywords, a background explanation of the card, an upright meaning, a reversed meaning, and a how to work with the card meaning.
  • The artwork is done by none other than fame fantasy artist Jasmine Becket-Griffith. The medium for the art is acrylic painting which is painted on a white canvas. The art is very vivid and lucid with a touch of shadowy and noir elements.
  • I’m deeply and simply content and in love with this oracle deck. Many may think that vampires are a cliché, but I believe that once they acquire this oracle deck they will think otherwise. This oracle deck is so easy to connect and read with. Reading the companion booklet may be good to understand the meaning of the cards, but in reality, interpreting the meaning of these cards with your intuition is absolutely easy to do. Despite the dark theme of this oracle deck, it is a wonderful addition for children and teenager. If you want to become acquainted with these creatures of the night, click here or here!


© 2010 – 2015 J. R. Rivera
Reproduction prohibited without written permission from the author.


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