Cartomancy Reviews.

By meditating on the cards, you can use Gaia’s wisdom
to spark your own intuition. Listen to Gaia speaking through
these beautiful cards and you’ll find the answers you seek?

~ Quote from the back of the box




Title: Gaia’s Vision Oracle Cards

Author: Doris Diamond & Susan Starr

Illustrator: Doris Diamond

Publisher: Schiffer Publishing


  • Gaia’s Vision Oracle Cards is a lovely oracle set that features 44 beautiful photographed pictures that have to do with nature. All the cards are beautifully illustrated and feature different types of plants and rocks.
  • The card called “Joyful Body” is quite beautiful to look it. For the illustration, there is a blue and purple colored hummingbird that soars through the air wanting to suck on a red flower. The keyword for this card is called “Nourishment”.
  • This next card involves fruits. Fruits are a plant and part of nature, no? This card is called “Exquisite Plenty”. The illustration features blue or black berries. The keyword for this card is “Abundance”.
  • The last card has to be one of my favorite! This card is called “Rainbow Energy” This card features a variety of plants and coloring each plant are horizontal lines of the color of a rainbow. The keyword for this card is “Healing”.
  • The back of the cards are reversible. The illustration for the back of the card consists of purple and lavender. There is what appears to be a lavender flower and in the middle of it there is the planet earth. Very beautiful and appealing image for the back of the cards.
  • The texture of the cards are sturdy and not flimsy, and they shuffle decently. The cards are approximately a little under “4 x 6”.
  • The storage box for this cards is sturdy! It is one of Schiffer’s many popular storage boxes. A be-ribbon hard cover case that closes with magnates.
  • Now, before I continue to describe the booklet, it caught me off guard tremendously. This companion book is produced in a horizontal format. Those types of books that Schiffer produces carry more than 100-200 pages. The amount of pages in this companion booklet dose not amount to 100-200 pages! There are 24 pages in total. At first I thought that the book came defected. The companion book is written by Susan Starr. The book begins with a lengthy Introduction where you will find tips on how to use this oracle deck. In a section called “Creation of Gaia’s Vision Oracle Cards”, the creators share how they began to create this oracle deck. After all of that, you will find 10 pages that show the illustration of the cards along with their divinatory meanings. There are four cards and divinatory meanings for each page. Then there is an “Appendix” page called “Suggested Questions for Visioning” and it gives tips and advice for formulating questions when you are about to work with the cards. Last, you have a total of 6 spreads that you can use for these cards. The spreads are called, “Researching for the Stars”, “Wind Spread”, Forest Glen Spread”, “Sun Spread”, “Mud Spread”, “Moon Spread”, “Mountain Spread”, “Sacred Fire Spread” and “River Spread”.
  • The illustrations are photographs taken by Doris Diamond. They are altered via CGI which makes them stand out and easy to look at, being able to recall all the details in the illustrations.
  • This is a nice and cozy oracle deck that pays tribute to the Goddess Gaia. The deck is very nature oriented and easy to follow and read with. What I like about the images of the cards is that it is very therapeutic. Just by looking at the images, it can calm your anxiety and provide you with tranquility. If you are a nature lover and appreciate the art of photography, this oracle deck is just for you. To buy, click here!


© 2010 – 2016 J. R. Rivera
Reproduction prohibited without written permission from the author.


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