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Gaian Tarot

Gaian spirituality understands that humans, plants, animals,
stones, and stars are all inextricably linked when
one strand is pulled, the entire web is affected.

 ~Quote from the back of the box



Title: Gaian Tarot

Author: Joanna Powell Colbert

Illustrator: Joanna Powell Colbert

Publisher: Schiffer

  • The Gaian Tarot, a tarot deck so neatly done, with a modest touch of Wicca to it, yet that embodies the element of earth as well as everything and anything that dwells on earth. This tarot deck features 78 beautifully illustrated cards and a companion book that tells you everything about the cards.
  • Occasionally, in a tarot deck, the devil card will take a different name. The Devil card in this tarot deck has been named “Bindweed”. In this image, we see a man who has blue skin, who is surrounded by bindweed. On top of him there are several crows who stand on a branch. This card indicates a life that is lived out of balance and where there is no order.
  • The Two of Water will show a man and a woman embracing, but in this tarot deck, it has taken a different concept. Here we see a gray-haired woman and her white furred dog who is standing on his two legs. They are hugging each other. I can certainly feel the love in this card. We do not always have to love another human being; we can love our pets (other living creatures). This card talks about relationships and loving someone else.
  • In most tarot decks, the page is often a messenger who wears clothes from another era. In this tarot deck, the Page of Wands is known as the Child of Fire. In this tarot deck we have an adorable, yet daring child who wears red and is fascinated by the large flames that erupt from the ground. By his side, his cautious orange pet cat keeps a close eye on the boy, not wanting him to get burned. This card talks about making things happen, being ready to make all things possible.
  • The back of the cards is reversible. The image used for the back of the card consists of a night sky background, and a circle made of green plants and purple flowers. Very soothing image.
  • The texture of the cards is semi-sturdy and shuffle well. The cards are glossed, making them slip when handling. The edges on the cards a pewter (silver foil). The size of the cards a bit larger than “4 X 5”.
  • The cards, along with the book are stored in white beribboned magnet box that is hard and sturdy.
  • The companion text is in color includes 184 pages, and has enough information that explain a little bit of everything about the cards. The book starts off with a “Thank You”. The Preface introduces us to topics such as, “The Meaning of Gaian”, “Creating the Gaian Tarot”, “Tarot Structure” and “Using the Deck and Book”. In the Major and Minor Arcana chapters, a description of the image for the card is provided, as well as the upright and reversed meanings. But the Major Arcana has more extensive than those in the Minor Arcana. For example, for the Major Arcana you are provided with keywords, a “deepen your understanding (of said card), Symbols found in the cards such as a rose or rabbit along with an interpretation of what it means, an outline for journal questions and an affirmation. The book ends with 10 tarot spreads and some tips such as how to read cards intuitively, working with a card a day, the art of asking questions and reading both upright and reversed meanings. The spreads included are, Three Card Spread, James Wells’s Helpful All -Purpose Spread, Joanna’s New Moon Spread, Joanna’s New Moon Spread #2, Beth Owl’s Daughter’s Predict Your Future by Creating it Spread, Joanna’s Seeking Clarity Spread, Joanna’s New Year Spread, Joanna’s “Elder of Fire/Whisperers of the Ancestors Spread, Carolyn Cushing’s “Soul Practice with The Gaian Tarot: Path, Practice and Posture Spread, Carolyn Cushing’s Aligning with the Earth Spread and James Wells’s Gaian Spread.
  • The illustrations are done by Joanna Powell Colbert. The artwork seems to be of mixed media between photo collage and actual art. They blend perfectly that being able to separate the two art forms is impossible.
  • For those of you who do not know about the Gaian Tarot, this is not a new tarot deck and was last published by Llewellyn, but later went out of print. Many wondered why it went out of print if it was popular and was selling well. But any who, good thing that Schiffer picked it up and gave it such a lovely packaging and fantastic production. I never owned the Llewellyn edition, but I do know that the cards were a bit smaller that the detail in the images were lost. Know that some of the Major Arcana cards have been renamed, the titles for the suits have changed to elements and so have the original titles for the court cards. The Page’s become Children, Knights become Explorers, Queens become Guardians and Kings become Elders. The cards in the packaging and book follow a different order, they are not placed by suits and numbers (ex. Fire form 1-King), instead they are placed by the numbers, for example. One of Fire, Earth, Water and Air. Two of Fire, Earth, Water and Air and so on. This is a near and warm deck and great for all those who simply love nature. To buy your copy, click here!

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