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The Witches Oracle

The symbols and messages remind
us to embrace the positive,
rather than dwell on the negative.

~Quote from the box


The Witches Oracle

Title: The Witches Oracle

Author: Marla Brooks

Illustrator: Aunia Kahn

Publisher: Schiffer Publishing

  • Heed the oracle of the Witches…
  • The Witches Oracle features 45 lovely illustrated oracle cards. In these cards, there are familiar characters that are wanting to deliver you an important message.
  • There is this card in this deck that I’m familiar with. This card is called the Book of Shadows. In this card we have an opened book with writings in it. Next to the book is a white scull and behind the book there is a tall white candle. The message for this card is one that people should follow. This card tells that you are not paying too much attention to details and things in your life. Also, don’t let your life be an open book for everyone to read.
  • The next card that I found interesting is called the Labyrinth. This card just basically shows a labyrinth. This card represents two things. It could mean a journey into the physical or spiritual realm, or a journey into our subconscious mind. Pretty interesting.
  • The last card is one that is very familiar for a Witches (Wicca’s) alike. Tarot readers may also find it very familiar. This card is called the Magick Wand. In this card there is any image of a brown wand in front of a red background. The wand seems to have smoke coming out of it. This card is very favorable and it is telling you that you have the ability to achieve anything you desire.
  • The back of the cards are not reversible. The design for the cards consists of a red background which is very attractive. In the center of the cards, there is a black circle and inside this circle there is a “W”. Nice and simple in my opinion.
  • The texture of the cards are very sturdy. They are not ridged nor flimsy. They have a nicely done matted feel. The shuffling holds up very well. The size of the cards are approximately 3” x 5”.
  • The storage box for this cards is very nice and sturdy! The box holds itself with ribbons and the lid is magnetic. The cards rest inside the box and the companion booklet rests on top the cards.
  • The companion book for this oracle deck is so adorable and so nicely done! For a small booklet, it has 112 pages. It starts off with a “Dedication”, “Acknowledgments”, and then the “Contents”. After all of this, we see a lovely “Forward” written for Rev. Tim Shaw. Then we are introduce to a section in the book called, “About the Witch’s Oracle”. Then there is this interesting section in the book called, “The 3 C’s Clearing, Concentrating and Charging Your Deck”. Then provided for you are three spreads! The first one is called “To Spread or Not to Spread”, the second one is called, “The Witch Hat Spread”, the third one is called “The Witch’s Broom Spread”. Then after these helpful spread, you come across a section called “Working with Your Cards”. Finally, you jump into “The Card Meanings”. For each card, you will have the title of the card, the image and a small description on the left hand side, and on the right hand side, you will have the divinatory meaning and at the bottom of that, an “Incantation”. Also, the pages and images in the booklet are in color!
  • The illustrations are done by Aunia Kahn. The images are simple, yet alluring. By looking at the images, each one of them seems to call/attract the reader. They are also symbolic in many ways.
  • I’m not a Witch (or Wicca) so when I heard about this deck, it was somewhat new to me. There were many symbols and tools that Witches use and I’m familiar with because in my circle of friends I know many Witches/Wicca’s. What I like about this oracle deck, to me, in my opinion, it is simple and practical. The images are symbolic and stay true to the realm of Witches (Wicca) and the interpretations for each card relate to everyday life experiences. If you are one who practices witchcraft and are looking for a divinatory tool to add to your magical alter, I highly suggest and recommend this lovely oracle deck. To buy it, click here!

© 2010 – 2016 J. R. Rivera
Reproduction prohibited without written permission from the author.


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