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Gods and Titans Oracle


Title: Gods and Titans Oracle

Author: Stacey Demarco

Illustrator: Jimmy Manton

Publisher: Blue Angle Publishing/Beyond Words Publishing

The Gods and Titans oracle does not differ from the Goddesses and Sirens Oracle except for a few minor things such as…

  • 36 male deities from all the pantheons are included in this oracle deck. You get Greek, Roman, Mayan, and Asian (just to name a few) male deities. Each God gives you advice to follow or take into consideration or simply do as we please with.
  • The back designs are not reversible. Though, the back designs are nicely done. They have a titainum look to them. The title, “Gods and Titans” really stands out and appears to be fused with a silver and platinum colors. The size of the cards is approximately 5 ½ inches in height x 3 ¾ inches in width. The card stock quality is very good and durable. They have an absolute matted feel to them, almost glossy. The print transfer is fantastic. There are hardly any flaws. You can see the details in each card.
  • The cards are fairly easy to shuffle. They are large and flexible. If you have rather small hands, it should not be a problem for you to shuffle the cards. The cards come in a very durable and sturdy box that will be sure to protect the cards and booklet from any damage, though the box provides a little bit of space for the cards to flow and rattle around. The box in which the cards come in shelves and stores perfectly, like a reading book, and it occupies little space at all.
  • The guide book is written by Stacey Demarco. The guide book contains 152 pages. Each page gives a background story of the deity, upright and reversed divinatory meaning, as well as a chant or spell to invoke the particular deity for a deed. The illustration is done by Jimmy Manton. The art work appears to be drawn or sketched, then computer processed and colored in with Photoshop. It has a feel of chalk and acrylic painting, which in my opinion is a very beautiful combination.
  • Other than that, it’s a perfect counter part from the Goddesses and Sirens Oracle. If you combine both Gods and Titans Oracle and Goddesses and Sirens Oracle decks, you get 74 cards, plus the bonus Apollo card included in the Goddesses and Sirens Oracle, 75 cards.
  • Many of us are well aware that Gods and Titans exited in the historic Wiccans are know to honor and worship this deity. Though very little is done to recognize these majestic beings, I want to talk a bit about this magnificent oracle deck that has done wonders for me since I first started using it for my readings.
  • Paying homage to male deities, this oracle deck allows you to work with both very well known and lesser known deities. The art and images are breathtaking in every aspect, though, some may think the depictions a bit too flamboyant because of the beautiful, muscular bodies.
  • In the companion book to the Gods and Titans Oracle, each deity is ascribed a keyword and an attribution that needs to be well studied or incorporated in every day life. For example you have the famous God Zeus who represents Leadership. Now, leadership doesn’t necessarily mean “being the leader”. It may mean you take control of a situation or lead the way for someone who is in need of a role model… just as Zeus kept some deities in shape.
  • What I love most of all about this oracle deck is its inclusiveness, featuring dieties from all around the world–from the Americas, Europe, Africa, and Asia as well as Pacifics. Yes, I know that many male deties aren’t included in this deck but, when you think about it, was there ever a deck that recognizes these male deities?
  • The detailed guidebook, writte by Stacy Demarco, also provides a story as well as an invocation for each God. The illustrations are by Jimmy Manton. Here are the ensemble of deities that appear in this deck: Acat, Achilles, Ah Puch, Achilles, Anubis, Ares, Baiame, Cernunnos, Dionysus, Eros, Ganesha, Garuda, Green Man, Hades, Helios, Hermes, Hynos, Jade Emperor, Jizo, Loki, Lugh, Maui, Mithras, Nuada, Osiris, Poseidon, Prometheus, Ra, Set, Shiva, Thor, Thoth, Typhon, Ull, Vishnu, Vulcan, Zeus

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