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Celtic Lenormand

Celtic Lenormand brings elements
of nature-based paganism to the
Lenormand divination system.

~Quote from the back of the box


Title: Celtic Lenormand

Author: Chloë McCracken

Illustrator: Will Worthington

Publisher: U.S. Games System

  • The Celts have something to tell you, heed their messages.
  • The Celtic Lenormand features 45 cards (yes you read correctly). I know what you may be thinking, “it’s unusual for a Lenormand deck to have 45 cards, I thought they had 36 cards?” Well, you thought wrong. Despite that there are 45 cards in this lovely deck, 9 cards are alternative versions for the original cards of the Lenormand deck. For example, included the Female Horse-rider, a Holly tree, a Shedding Snake, Chickens and Owls (alternative to the birds), A Female Child card, a Cat (alternative to the Dog card), and an alternative Male and Female cards that are peasants. Of course, included are the following cards, Male Horse-rider, an Oak Tree, Fierce Snake, The Birds, Male Child, the Dog, and the Male and Female cards that are royals/nobles. What more could you ask for?
  • Card number 8 is called the Burial Mound (known as the coffin). In this card you will not see a coffin, instead you will see some kind of temple that has a dark entrance. The sides of the entrances are decorated with engraved lines that twirl all around. This temple stands on a grassy filed and on top of this temple, there are red plants. When the Coffin card appears in a reading, it is telling you that things will come to a final end. Anything and everything will die and there is no chance for it to come back.
  • Card number 20 is called the Meadow (known as the garden). In this card you will find tall yellow meadows and a caldron on top of a fire. In front of you are different foods such as vegetables and fruits along with jugs that obviously contain drinking fluids in them. All of these sit on top of a green carpet, and the carpet sits on top of a green grassy filled. When this card appears in a reading, it is an indication of social gatherings (parties, events, etc.). It is also a meaning that there is lots of connectivity between you and people.
  • Card number 21 kept its original title, the mountain. Thought you won’t see an actual mountain with snow or grass and touching the skies. In this card, standing tall and a bit in the distance is a cliff that stands between the ocean and the sand, where gray clouds pass through it. It’s very beautiful to look at, but yet feels lonely. When this card is drawn in a reading, it tells of loneliness and times where people feel alone.
  • Surprisingly, the backs of the cards are reversible and consist of two colors, a pale and brownish yellow. At the upper and lower edges of the cards is a brownish yellow half of circles and on the left and right side of the cards is also a brownish yellow vertical lines. In the center of the card there is a circle and inside this circle is a beautifully illustrated Celtic cross. Very nice touch!
  • The sizes of the cards are small of that of a small Lenormand deck and are approximately 2” by 3”.
  • The texture of the cards is wonderful and very flexible. They have a matted feel; they don’t stick together, and shuffle beautifully.
  • The box where the cards are stored is a two-piece box. The box is a bit big for a small Lenormand deck, but don’t be alarmed, the Lenormand cards are small. Regardless, the size of the box is a very nice touch and compliment for this deck.
  • I can’t say anything but good things about the companion. For being a small book, it is very well written and very informative! The small companion booklet is written by Chloë McCracken and contains 188 pages. The book starts off with the Table of Contents, an Introduction. It also contains seven paragraphs titled, What Makes This A Pagan-Themed Deck, The Goddess and Goddesses, Additional Cards, The Spiritual Traditions in Lenormand Readings, The Wheel of the Year, Dark and Light, Affirmations, Playing Card Association, Lenormand Numbering, and finally, The Celtic Lenormand Card Meanings. In the pages that explain the meaning of the cards you will have the Keywords that are attached to the card, the Timing, an archetype/description of a Person, Playing Card Number Association, a Description of what’s going on in the card, the Meaning of the card, a Spiritual Reading and Dark and Light interpretation. Also, how a particular card can be used for a Spell work, Affirmation, and best of all, which deities are represented in each card! After the Meaning of the Cards, there are sections called combining the Cards and a total of 8 card spreads. So this companion book is jammed packed and worth reading.The beautiful, soft, and rich illustrations are done by Will Worthington. The mediums for these illustrations are non-CGI and appear to have been done by hand using blend of color pencils and/or acrylic paints that are very remarkable and easy on the eyes.
  • I’m simply blown away by this Lenormand deck. I’ve never known of a Lenormand deck that has had a good quantity amount of cards and with an easy to follow companion book until I discovered the Celtic Lenormand. I don’t know much about Celtic culture, but from what I can see, it is beautiful. What got me the most was that there are a series of deities that are attached to the cards. Also, the traditional playing card game divinatory meanings are attached to the cards as well. If you are looking for a fantastic Lenormand deck that offers a sufficient amount of information in a companion booklet in order to help you start learning and reading, I recommend this Lenormand deck. It’s worth it. to acquire it, click here!

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Art Through the Starstream Oracle

Perhaps you’ve felt the essence
of a great artist while viewing
original art in a museum?

~Quote from the companion booklet


Title: Art Through the Starstream Oracle

Author: Cheryl Yambrach Rose

Illustrator: Cheryl Yambrach Rose

Publisher: U.S. Games System

  • Let yourself be a stream of stellar infusion.
  • The Art Through the Starstream Oracle, the sister deck to the Art Through The Eyes of the Soul Oracle, is a beautiful and lavish card deck that features 52 rich and mellow art cards that have been illustrated with the utmost love and dedication. Every illustration in the cards calls to you with soft and tender melodies, wanting to be heard.
  • I love extraterrestrials and a card start stood out and called my attention was card number 11. Scota at Tara. The illustration and character for this card is remarkable. In the image, there sits an African woman who appears to be dressed like a saint/nun. She is very beautiful and the back of her cranium is enlarged like that of extraterrestrial. When she is drawn in a reading, her message is that even if you feel like a stranger in strange lands, accept the reason/purpose as to why you are there.
  • Mexican culture is rich and fruitful, and the people in Mexico acknowledge their land and deities who the Native worshiped. This card titled 49. The Corn Goddess has the image of a Mexican Goddess. Here she stands holding a bowl containing four corns. She wears a lovely blue dressed and a necklace and headband made of several feathers. Behind her is a wolf that is her companion and messenger to her people. When she appears in a reading, she is telling you to honor every creation that you or others create. Be grateful for what is given to you.
  • The next illustration titled 51. The Goddesses Ma Chandi. This image has to be one of the most beautiful, at least to my opinion. In this card there’s a blue skinned and long laid black haired Hindu Goddesses dressed in a green satin dress that stands in inside a cave. This Goddess has a serene, yet alluring facial expression, calling to whoever is looking and admitting her. When she appears in a reading, she is telling you rise to an occasion. You will have to prepare for things that you’ve been holding off. No matter what, know that you are one step ahead.
  • The back of the cards are not reversible and has the illustration from one of the cards titled “The Goddess Avnova”. In the illustration, a light skinned and redheaded Goddesses is seen emerging from the waters under a cave. Two otters are at her left and right side, protecting her.
  • The size of the cards are approximately 3.5” x 6”.
  • The cards are slim and are beyond sturdy and hold up very well when shuffling. The cards have a matted feel. They are non slippery. The cards have gilded edges around them, which makes it stand out and look exquisite.
  • The deck of cards comes in a two-piece box where the cards and booklet are stored.
  • The companion booklet has 114 pages that are written by Cherryl Yambrach Rose. The booklet starts with the first page that has a dedication to Sgt. Major Robert Dean, the table of contents, and a foreword by the publisher. Then there’s The Alchemy of the Art, Using the Oracle Cards, 4 Oracle Spreads titled; The Starstream Portal Spread, The Praha Spread, Lemurian Dreaming Pool Spread, Through the Veils of Avalon Spread, Telos Spread, and the meaning of the each card. In the pages that explain the meaning of the cards you will see an image of the card, the title of the portrait, the year it was illustrated, and an Expanded Meaning, and brief background/history of the image.
  • Artist Cherryl Yambrach Rose does the artwork and the medium for the art that is painted with color oils on linen.
  • This here is a follow up oracle, a sequel if I must say, for her first oracle deck called Art Through The Eyes of the Soul Oracle. The energy that I felt from the Art through The Starstream Oracle is that it is much more soft, light, and tender than it’s counterpart that feels more harsh, shadowy, and rough. The majority of the cards in this oracle deck feature Goddesses, and yes, they even feature male characters (which to me is a BIG plus). The size and border of both oracle decks does not differ from one another and you can even use it as a 104-oracle card deck! How about that!? If you are looking for an oracle that can sooth your self-being and balance your spirit or simply, if you’re a fan of Cheryl Yambrach Rose’s artwork, by all means, acquire this deck by clicking here!

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Omegaland Tarot and Card Game

The events and the people you’ll
see are all real,
but some of it was subject to my
interpretation, I’ll admit.

~Quote from the little white book


Title: Omegaland Tarot Deck and Card Game

Author: Joe Boginski and Karen Boginski

Illustrator: Joe Boginski

Publisher: U.S. Games System

  • Everyone and everything has gone into havoc, it’s time to find salvation!
  • The Omegaland card deck contains 78 plus 6 additional cards, and before I go any further, let me explain why it contains 83 cards. This card deck is a tarot and a card game combined into one. The 78 cards are your standard tarot cards (Majors, Suits, and Courts). The 6 additional cards have cheats/keys that explain how some of the cards will serve in this game. Of course, a more detail explanation on how to play game is explained in the Little White Book pages. Please be advice that this tarot deck is a tad gruesome since someone of the cards contains a little bit of gore and violence.
  • The illustration for the Judgment card takes the interpretation literal! Somewhere in the canyons, a young man wearing a red sweater and brown cargo pants with a rifle hanging from his shoulder extended his hand, wiling to pick an old man off from the ground who lays in a state of exhaustion and hunger. I wonder, will this young man help the old man and take him to salvation, or will he shoot him with his rifle and take him out of his misery?
  • The illustration for the 10 of Sword takes the meaning and traditional illustration to a fault. Lying on the ground in a puddle of blood is the body of a young man who has been shot with approximately 10 arrows!!! 10 bows, where the arrows were shot from, and are in a circle, pointing at the body, ready to shoot another load of arrows. Who did this? Why did they do this? Was this young man an innocent victim or a convict on the run?
  • In the Queen of Coins card we have a young and sweet blond woman who sits on top of a rusted metal tank and rests her foot on top of a yellow wooden box. She is snacking out of a Campbell soup can. She appears to be somewhere in an alley waiting for someone who may be in need of help. She has a strap hanging over her shoulder that could be a handbag or a weapon. Through my concept, in that box where she rests her foot, it may contain explosives items such a TNTs or grenades. She may as well be waiting for her next victim. Now, is she really as innocent as she appears to be?
  • The backs of the cards are reversible and consist of the image of a wooden fence that stands up and down. Now, if you arrange the cards in a row, from left to right, they will resemble an actual wooden fence (lol).
  • The size of the cards are approximately 3” x 5”.
  • The cards are slim and are beyond sturdy and hold up very well when shuffling. The cards have a matted feel. They are non slippery and won’t stick together.
  • The deck of cards comes in an original US Game tuck box that has slightly the same quality as the cards.
  • The text in the little white book is written by Joe Boginski and Karen Boginski. Joe Boginski writes the introduction and the card interpretations and Karen Boginski writes the instructions on how to play the game. The LWB starts of with an introduction, the card interpretations, instructions on how to use the cards, and then a one card spread. After that, you will find a page that says The Game, Quick Overview, 3-Plater Game, A chard that explains the Leader of the Games Goals, and the Scoring. Then a Free For All, 4-to-6 Player Game, and Major Powers.
  • The images for the cards are done by Joe Boginski and the medium for the art is non-computer generated and is done by hand. The art appears to have a mix of chalk and color pencil.
  • This is the first time that I’ve seen a tarot deck that can be used as a card game. Many of us are familiar that several centuries ago, tarot was actually a card game (much like poker), but that’s a different story. I like how the images on the cards are real life and actual situations. The theme and concept of this tarot deck reminds me so much of the theme and concept of the motion picture The Purge and Television program The Walking Dead (don’t worry, you won’t see any zombies in this cards). Why you may ask, because the characters are running around with no laws and order and everything around them is falling apart! They are killing and betraying each other to survive! I’m very impressed that Joe Boginski didn’t create this tarot deck to be lovely and friendly and that it has gore and violence going on. As for Karen Boginski, I’m impressed that she created this tarot deck to be used as a card game that can be played between family and friends on a rainy day. If you are interested in acquiring this tarot deck and card game, click here!

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